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Has anyone seen this Mary Moorman Polaroid depicted this way?

John Butler

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This photo, labelled No. 2, is different from any I have seen before.


Photo 2 show debris from a head shot with a portion of Kennedy's head removed.  No. 1 is what we normally see.

No. 2 Moorman Polaroid comes from the video JFK Anniversity: The Second Gunman Named.  This video was based on an Anthony Summers book. Name "Not In Your Life time..." 

No. 1 has been sharpened with software.  No. 2 shows pretty much the same thing as far as the background is concerened.  IMO, people have been erased from the right side of the limo.  The motorbike cop's windshield has been retouched where a segment was cut off during alteration.

I have seen Mary's Polaroid countless times and have not seen it like this in No. 2.  

Has anyone else seen this?


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