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President Kennedy: Secret Service Protection Before Dallas 11/22/1963 (video)

Vince Palamara

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Secret Service agents on/near rear of limousine (hanging on handrails; walking, jogging, running with car); press photographers flatbed truck(s) in front of limo, often with a live television feed; motorcycles in a diamond formation surround limo; SAIC Behn or his direct assistant ASAIC Boring riding in front passenger seat; military aide Ted Clifton or Godfrey McHugh riding in front seat between SAIC and driver (either Shipman or Greer); building rooftops guarded by police and/or sheriff's department and/or agents, sometimes with a police helicopter patrolling route [Nashville, Duluth, Berlin, Caracas, San Antonio, etc.]; police and/or military lining street and facing the crowd; police undercover detectives intermingled in crowds themselves; good protective intelligence to thwart potential threat subjects; bubble top, either partial or full, used in approximately one third of all of JFK's motorcades, often in great (no rain) weather; fast speed of car(s) [Not ALL of these situations on every trip, but quite a few of them. In 1961-1963, years before terrorism was a real threat and in the age of pistols and rifles, there are reasons why presidents from FDR-JFK (pre-11/22/63) survived motorcades and it was assuredly NOT luck! ALSO: THE SECRET SERVICE WAS THE ONLY BOSS THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA HAD (as acknowledged by Presidents Truman, LBJ and Clinton). The agents had the final say when it came to his security and could overrule him...and JFK did NOT ORDER the agents to do anything-that is all crap!
The vast majority of these motorcade films and still photos are from 1963, with a few from 1961 and 1962 duly noted. IN ORDER: Florida, Hawaii, Costa Rica, China Lake CA, Washington D.C. (1961), Germany, England, Italy, Ireland, Caracas Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Bogota Columbia, Mexico (1962), Chicago IL, Los Angeles CA, Washington D.C., MANY STILL PHOTOS 1961-1963 + San Diego CA dissected (some have tried to say that Kennedy was a sitting duck- this is so far from the truth as to be ridiculous. As the television host narrator states and as the video depicts, armed Marines lined the streets and faced the crowds five feet apart + live television feed + two flatbed trucks of still and motion photographers + police line streets + police undercover detectives intermingle with crowds + rooftops guarded + SAIC Behn in front passenger seat.
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