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JFK Revisited and Black Op Radio Episode--Dec. 16

Benjamin Cole

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Every episode of Black Op Radio gets an "A" but the one on Dec. 16 is even better, an "A+".

Of course, the show features Jim DiEugenio. 

In this episode we learn that Glenn Greenwald is recommending viewers look at the Jim DiEugenio-Oliver Stone production of "JFK: Revisited" and that popular radio-show host Joe Rogan will have Oliver Stone on (hopefully with DiEugenio) after the four-hour version, called "JFK: Destiny Betrayed" is available. 

Contrast this reception to the blubbering, moronic Nov. 22 "article" by Tim Weiner published in The Rolling Stone---evidently now another Donk-affiliated CIA mouthpiece. 

Hats off to Stone, but he really needs DiEugenio to handle interviews. But re Stone on interviews, like the joke about Shaq O'Neal, "He can't act, but who is going to tell him?" 

For people newish to the JFKA, and even some older hands, the links in the blackopradio show linked to above are a tremendous first leg. 

Kudos also to Len Osanic and his tremendous body of work in Black Op Radio. 






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