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Gil Jesus

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Nice one Gil.  Actually I have only ever previously watched snips of Turner's documentary series.

Thought that the treatment of the Moorman photograph showing the images of Arnold & 'Badgeman' were the clearest that I've seen, much better than the printed page.

However, after watching the first six in the series, I end up with more questions than answers!


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I just went back and reviewed episode 9, The Guilty Men.  I'm having a hard time figuring out whether I have been influenced by the things said in that episode, or if they simply dovetail into the things I have been thinking all along.

I believe LBJ and JEH are the two ringleaders of the entire conspiracy.  Their relationship since Johnson became a senator in 1948 mushroomed into Johnson becoming the Senate Majority Leader in a short period of time.  They were neighbors.  IMO, this rise to power was based on the corruption information that Hoover provided Johnson concerning important people that allowed him to gain control of them and the leadership of the Senate.

Just like Johnson and Hoover, there were many other powerful people in control of various functions of government who hated Kennedy as much as those two.  Power and money were going to be taken away from powerful people and factions by the Kennedys.  The Kennedys could not be allowed to continue on into a second term.  Something had to be done.

Assassination.  In public, so all could see the death of the dreams of Kennedy and the of many Americans who put Kennedy on a pedestal with their support.  He had to be shot in the head in public so that those dreams could explode and vanish into the air.  The Zapruder film was the perfect way to record that.

What would be the reason?  Treason.  Treason as outlined in the Dallas Pamphlet.  This would convince other willing individuals to join the plot.  Treason, whether real or false, it didn't matter, would become something people could believe.  The FBI, under Hoover, and Hoover's good friend, the VP Johnson would provide that information.

Other willing individuals in the government would take this up and it would become more believable.  To whom?

Joint Chiefs of Staff

Heads of various Military Intelligence branches

Director of the FBI

Director of the CIA

Ex-CIA personnel Washington and Dallas

Director of the Secret Service

Members of Kennedy's staff

Willing henchmen in the various agencies

Political and Criminal elements

This conspiracy was too big.  Everyone had to stab Caesar.  Everyone had to be involved in some aspect of the assassination.  That would ensure their silence.   



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