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Merry Christmas

Ron Bulman

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On 12/25/2021 at 9:19 PM, Matt Allison said:

Merry Christmas to all- from me, and my favorite band :)





Since you're such a fan, Matt, I thought I'd share a Beach Boys story. I was a record buyer for a distributor. And The Beach Boys were playing Anaheim Stadium, if I recall. In any event, I was invited to a meet and greet with Mike Love and Bruce Johnston before the show. 20-30 of us, milling around, snacking and drinking. Well my plus one for this gig was my friend Chris, a HUGE Beach Boys fan, or, rather, a huge Brian Wilson fan. And he had the cojones to go up to Mike Love and ask him to autograph a Pet Sounds CD, which, of course, Mike had initially hated. Okay, Mike says. Well, Chris then pulls out of his pocket Brian's autobiography, in which he portrays his cousin Mike as an insecure bully. A number of people saw this, including me, and it felt pretty awkward. But, to Mike's credit, he looked at the book and said "What's this?" or something like that, shrugged his shoulders, and signed. I was expecting him to throw it across the room. But he handled it really well. 

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