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Yahoo! interview with Stone

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This was really good Michaleen ... thanks for sharing.

If you think about it, his first JFK movie accomplished the unthinkable ... it prompted the ARRB and Records Act, particularly given the Administration in power at the time.  That's quite an accomplishment ... Stone's movie truly touched a national nerve.  He summarizes the Review Board nicely - an investigation conducted from 1994-1998 that most interested parties don't fully appreciate, as it didn't get the press coverage that it deserved -as having the power to declassify files, and the power to call witnesses back, many of whom provided testimony that didn't match what was said earlier.  They called new witnesses also, but unfortunately couldn't get very far because they were blocked by the CIA and other agencies.  It appears as though they (the ubiquitous "they") didn't really want to know who killed John Kennedy. As to why the government has been slow to releases the remaining records, Stone provides insight:

"I think they were shocked that we were able to piece together [a lot] from these files that they released, 60,000 pages or so," the director says. "People like [former Assassination Records Review Board member] Doug Horne really went through the material and understood its implications."

Stone also characterizes Jim Garrison fairly (and succinctly) ... and while he lost the Shaw trial and thus failed, he kept searching for the truth.  Garrison therefore gave us an opening into the autopsy, and he unveiled the Zapruder film.  As Oliver states: without those key pieces of the story, you can't build a case.


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