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The Framing of Lee Harvey Oswald -- Conclusion

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By Gil Jesus

( 2022 )


This was NOT a criminal investigation by any stretch of the imagination. This was the framing of an innocent man for crimes he did not commit by those who wanted Kennedy out of office.

The coverup began with a phone call from Lyndon Johnson to Dallas Police Homicide Capt. J. Will Fritz, where according to Fritz, Johnson told him, "You've got your man, investigation's over."
Whether Johnson did this to cover his own complicity in the crime or if he was trying to avoid a war with the Soviet Union, this order effectively started the wheels of a coverup in motion.
Not only did the coverup eliminate any chance of an honest investigation, it promoted and supported the framing of Oswald.


This framing was instigated by the Dallas Police, the Dallas FBI and their allies in the post office in Dallas. The police staged unfair lineups designed to influence the witnesses into choosing Oswald. They questioned Oswald without benefit of counsel and kept him communicado until such a time as they were sure he and members of his family wouldn't be able to call the lawyer of his choosing.
Local members of the ACLU who tried to see Oswald were discouraged by police from doing so.


It was fueled by an FBI director who proclaimed Oswald guilty before any evidence was in. He resisted the formation of a Presidential Commission and when he couldn't prevent it, he decided to control it.
He did this by controlling who the Commission saw and deposed. His agents threatened and harrassed witnesses into changing their stories. Those who would not "cooperate" were simply ignored or had their versions suppressed. Some had their statements altered.


One example is Bill and Gayle Newman, who were about 10 feet from the President when his head exploded. Because the Newman's told the FBI that they thought the shot had come from behind them up on the knoll, they were not called as witnesses.

Neither was the President's personal physician, Admiral George Burkley. Admiral Burkley was the ONLY medical doctor who was present with the body at Parkland Hospital AND Bethesda and could have cleared up any discrepancies in the official record. 

But he was never called to testify.

Hoover's motive to coverup the crime may well have been to protect his ass and the Bureau's reputation.
Hoover's Bureau had been forewarned of an assassination attempt on Kennedy multiple times, through informants and wiretaps and failed to notify the Secret Service. Its Dallas bureau had also known about the accused assassin prior to the murder and yet didn't notify the police he was in their city.
By neglecting his duty to inform the Secret Service of the threats to the President, Hoover was enabling those forces opposed to JFK in order to remove him from office.



These FBI failures would have been enough for Hoover to wrestle the investigation away from the Dallas Police. It would also explain why Hoover was enraged with Dallas Agent James  Hosty giving the police too much information about their patsy, Oswald.
The FBI's final report on the assassination, dated December 5, 1963, ( CD 1 ) was completed only 13 days after the assassination.
Way too soon for a crime of this magnitude and complexity.


The Commission was afraid to investigate the investigators, as is evident from the transcript of their January 24, 1964 Executive Session. They feared smearing Hoover and the Bureau and they had every right to be: the first thing Hoover did when the members were announced was that he had his agents make out "dossiers" on all of the members.
The Commission's counsel met with witnesses before they testified in order to ask questions and to probe what the witnesses saw or heard and then coach them as to what questions were going to be asked and how to answer them for the public record.


Whatever the motive for the coverup was, it was still a covered up. 

IMO, Kennedy was a victim of how sick political extremism can get either left or right. Political extremism fueled by fear and that fear feeds a paranoia that leads good people to do unimagineable things.
Roughly half the country had not voted for him in 1960 and his domestic and foreign policies were not embraced especially in the conservative South.


Kennedy was assassinated by his enemies, those opposed to those policies. He was a Democrat who faced opposition from a conservative deep state left over from the Eisenhower years and fueled by the Rosenberg convictions and the Communist paranoia of the McCarthy era. 
It was this paranoia that envisioned anybody who was willing to deal with the Communists as traitors and the penalty for treason was death by a firing squad.


The place of that execution was the conservative capital of the country, Dallas, Texas.

It was not necessary for any government agency to have been directly involved. All they would have had to do was to allow it to happen. Suppress warnings of an assassination attempt. Remove his security. "Stand down" the military support. Move people around in the motorcade. People like the press, police escorts and the general who carried the "football" and rode in the front seat out of the line of fire. During the motorcade, keep a distance from the Presidential limo. When the shooting started, delay their reaction. Stop the limo. 

Do everything they could to make it successful.

As Adam and Eve used fig leaves in the garden of Eden to cover their shame once they had sinned against God, the FBI / Warren Commission coverup was the "fig leaf" to hide America's shame for allowing the assassination to happen.
And those responsible, regardless of how patriotic they may have seen themselves, will face their Maker with the blood of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald on their hands.


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