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JMWAVE, anti-Castro Cubans and LHO

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On 2/7/2022 at 12:34 AM, Lawrence Schnapf said:

Ben- I am of course only speculating and drawing inferences to cobble together a theory in the absence of smoking gun documentation.

I think the mafia either through Marcello or Trafficante (who had much less FBI electronic coverage than Giancano) funded the training of the exiles and that some rogues middle manager in CIA became aware of the plot and orchestrated LHO movements that day,

Regarding keeping LHO in the right spot. my operating thesis is that he was told by his handler to hang by the first floor phone for a call. LHO may have been told there was going to be some demonstration and he would receive his instructions. when that call didnt happen and he realized the president was shot, he then went home to get his pistol and meet his contact at the theater which was probably a  pre-arranged meeting location. 

Note that after the DPD was told they saw a gunman on the upper floor, did they rush to that floor? no, they commenced a floor by floor sweep from the ground up- giving the pretend shooter on the sixth floor to plant evidence. (yes- Baker went up to the roof but the later systematic search was from the ground up).  

This is work in progress. looking forward to you poking holes for me to drill down further...



Of course, you could be right.

My working hypothesis on JFKA explanations has aways been the fewer witting pre-event participants, the better.  

Before the JFKA, perhaps a handful, maybe even less, knowing participants, for obvious reasons. Even unwitting participants, at one or two. 

After the JFKA, a great deal of complicity, but largely by people who did not know the real story. 


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