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Ruth Paine in 2019

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If LHO was a patsy, how did he get to be employed at the TSBD ?

If this piece of the puzzle doesn't fit well, then the whole "pre-planned JFKA" starts to fall apart.

In this video Ruth Paine, 56 years later, doesn't seem at all that she was in the intelligence community at the time, or now.

In the video, at 16:00  Lindi Mae Randall, Wesley Fraser's sister, told Ruth Paine in the morning that her brother was working at the TSBD and that there was a lot of work. Ruth spoke with Marina at lunchtime. Ruth called Roy Truly in the afternoon and was told that LHO could drop by. LHO called Marina in the evening and was told about the job opportunity. LHO went there in person the next day and was hired on the spot.

Ruth Paine says "It just happened that way." And that no one arranged LHO to work at the TSBD.

The other alternative is that Ruth Paine is lying (and over the years has convinced herself that she is actually telling the truth), OR that Ms. Randall is part of the conspiracy or purposefully fed information to Ruth Paine. Both of these options seem unlikely.

The proposed conspiracy-leaders had to get Oswald to Dallas, and maybe get Marina there first (and moved in with Ruth Paine), AND then get Oswald a job at the right place. This means that Ruth Paine, Roy Truly and the job lead for Oswald all had to work out correctly. I don't see any evidence to show any co-ordination on these series of events. Prove me wrong.

The fact that no one cares to reply after a day shows an inability to deal with the hard questions.


Other Observation:

35:30 Eyewitness said there was a "cloud of pink" come up from the president's head. This is the same as Dino Brugioni says in his interview with Doug Horne. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_QIuu6hsAc&ab_channel=e2films (but he mentions a white mist, not pink) And not what is shown in the Z film.


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There are a couple of curious things about that whole scene.

First, as Jim Douglass points out, Ruth did not relay to Oswald the better job offer from the employment office that came in before he took the lower paying job at the TSBD.

Second, according to Doug Horne, Truly was not being paid by the TSBD in 1963.  And he is the one who supplied Oswald's name to the DPD .

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Also, some pretty serious researchers (John Newman, Dan Hardway) have concluded LHO was a CIA asset. Tennent Bagley, CIA-Russian ops, indicated LHO was a "witting asset" in Russia. 

In the 1960s, the CIA was keeping literally thousands of assets in the US, due to the Cuba situation. Cuban exiles, ex-military guys, mercenaries. 

The assets would be deployed when necessary.

For all we know, Paine's referring LHO to the TSBD could have been by chance. 

That does not obliterate the history of LHO. It may mean that LHO, one of several thousand CIA assets in the US, became useful, due to his location at that time and place. 

If one assumes a CIA plot from the top, if not LHO and Dallas, then the JFKA would have been somewhere at a different time, in a Chicago or Miami, or wherever JFK appeared in public. 

My own guess is JM/WAVE assets were after JFK, for the well-known reasons. Whether the JM/WAVE dudes had tacit approval from HQ, or just one higher-up at HQ, is unknowable. 

The JM/WAVE found the means and opportunity were presented in Dallas. The motive they had in spades (from their perspective). 

What is clear from the Z film is that three separate shots struck JFK and JBC, and the last two shots were about one second apart. And thereafter the government engineered not an investigation but a cover-up. 

So, at a bare minimum, we have a CIA asset involved in the JFKA, and the JFKA was then un-investigated. 

The JFKA was partially investigated by the seriously hamstrung HSCA, and even they concluded JFK likely as murdered in a conspiracy. 

So, no, maybe LHO was not planted in the TSBD. Does that change much? 

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