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Film of a second rifle--2 rifles total--on the sixth floor 11/22/63

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On 1/24/2022 at 3:40 AM, Ian Lloyd said:

Certainly does Chris - nice work again!!!

I wonder if any film of the search shows any cops with guns of any sort? Plenty outside carrying shotguns...I'd be surprised if the cops were going in for a search for an alleged armed shooter but were told to leave their weapons outside in case they contaminated the search area???

Here, I have to retract an earlier statement on the Model 8 Remington. 

A bit frustrating on explanations, but Chris D. always does excellent work.  Here again one has to look closely at this gif.  I can't because the images flash by too quickly, so I de-constructed the gif with another program.  And, when it is possible to look at the individual frames of the gif you can clearly see what Chris is talking about.  The man has great eyesight and catches minute things no one has seen before such as the photographer behind Zapruder.  Again, great work.

Here's my interpretation:


There are two rifles in this photo.  I won't swear to this, neither one of the rifles looks like a Carcano.  I may be wrong on this but rifle 1 looks like the sling is attached to the bottom.  The second rifle has some sort of muzzle flash suppressor on the front of the barrel which is not like the Carcano.  The shotgun image has problems I believe.  It will be discussed in the next photo upload.


The different size of the stock grip on the shotgun may indicate cut and paste action in the lower Photo.

Semi-automatic or pump shotguns of that period do not have wooden stocks reaching nearly to the end of the barrel ending in a brass metal piece.  There are two rifles in the image and one shotgun image which may not be real.

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