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RARE: David Lifton 2/2/81 Kennedy assassination (JFK)

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The "Research Video" that David Lifton created before his best-selling book Best Evidence was published (to definitively document the observations of first responders in Dallas and Bethesda regarding the appearance and handling of JFK's body at both locations, and to compare/contrast them so that the differences in the appearance of JFK's body, and the casket in which it was observed, would not be falsified after his book was published) can be viewed in its entirety here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAWFvcrp-ao   This 37 minute video documents "what happened" on 11/22/63 based on the direct observations of several people who were witnesses to history.  Explaining how these facts could have come into existence has occupied the thoughts of many in the research community ever since; others have ignored or distorted these facts, for reasons that remain obscure.

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