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John Newman posted this on Facebook today

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This is the kind of thing that drives researchers crazy. This morning, as I was working on Volume IV (Uncovering Popov's Mole) and finishing up a chapter on the CIA Office of Security, I came upon a document from my files that I wanted look into deeper. It turned out to be another example of an HSCA document that was released as Open in Full--this one on 22 June 1995--that later disappeared. We are fortunate that Malcolm Blunt sent a copy to me long ago, before it grew little feet and walked out of the National Archives.
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Jay Harvey's reply to posting:


I couldn’t make out a lot of the handwriting on first pass. But it looks like Office of Security internal notes regarding a Gambino interview by the HSCA. I saw Bob Bannerman and Paul Gaynor both mentioned. Looks like Birch D. O’Neal was cut out of the loop.

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Steve Rosen's reply to just above:

yes that's correct. Whitaker worked under Sheffield Edwards, Howard J. Osborne, and Bannerman in OS, and served overseas with Edwards. DCI Helms awarded Whitaker a Certificate of Distinction in March 1969 around his retirement, calling him "An old hand at maintaining our security."
He also may have worked under Carl E. Duckett, Deputy Director for Science and Technology.
Do you have any additional information on Whitaker?


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