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She seems to be looking at the Dal Tex building

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4 hours ago, John Deignan said:


So many witness describe the "bam-bam" shots, as the second- and third-shots...a rapid sequence. 

Not consistent with a single-shot bolt action rifle. 

The Z-film indicates Gov. Connally is shot about Z-295 and then JFK at Z-313. That is one second apart---but a single-shot bolt action rifle, such as the Mannlicher Carcano, needs a bare minimum of 2 seconds to even operate between shots, let alone aim and fire. 

This rapid sequence of shots on 11/22 is the strongest evidence, indeed beyond reasonable doubt, that a lone gunman armed with a single-shot bolt action rifle could not have accomplished the JFKA, and also the Gov Connally shot(s).  



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One could ponder that the "Bam-Bam" 2 shots right on top of each other sound as described by dozens of people right there in Dealey Plaza was one real shot sound followed by an immediate echo?

The way Dealey is laid out it is in some way like a tunnel.

However, the first shot ( supposedly by the same gunman who fired the second and possibly third shot and from the same location ) should have created a similar echo effect as well. And "no one" ever described the "Bam-Bam" sound from that first shot.

The Dallas PD said they found "three" spent shells on the floor in the sniper's nest.

Texas School Book Depository employee Harold Norman ( who was just 10 feet directly underneath the sniper's nest ) testified he heard ... "BOOM click - click" ... "BOOM click- click" ... "BOOM click-click" ... in an evenly spaced out sequence order with at least 2 seconds in between each of the three shots.

However, the high witness number sound hearing testimony stated that the "Bam-Bam" sound was clearly different that not just the first shot, but also very different than the evenly spaced out 3 shot sound sequence with 2 seconds in between each shot as described by Harold Norman directly underneath the shooting lair.

" Bam-Bam" almost right on top of each other is different that "BOOM click click" 2 seconds then "BOOM click click."

Conclusion? Two shooters firing almost simultaneously with one hitting a bullseye into JFK's head.

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Thank you John,

Partrica said she was standing here and the P. Limo was right there when she heard the first shot.  She is just one of over 100 witnesses that said something similar.   Shooting occurred in front of the TSDB.  The two films that could show this were edited.  The Zapruder and Elsie Dorman films.  You are looking into the Zapruder Gap in this photo recreation.  Elsie Dorman said she heard a shot from the Court Records Building.  She quit filming.  Hers would be a definitive film if it wasn't altered to show nothing about what the above scene is portraying.  And, it was so badly altered it occasioned someone to say that Elsie was the worst photographer ever.  Not true.  If it had not been altered the film would be definitive.

Lucy Whitaker. or Lupe Whitaker said she was on Elm Street just south of the entrance to the TSBD.  There 1963 FBI statement locations agree.  But, this is not what is being shown in this video.  What we see here is the SW corner of Elm and Houston.  It was a magical place during the assassination.  Strange events occurred there.  Study Elsie Dorman and compare it to Zapruder.

After all of these witnesses, over 100, saying that shooting occurred in front of the TSBD, I don't understand why people go back to the Zapruder Film as the source of Assassination Writ.  Way too many people have shown the Z film is a fraud.  It is really not possible to use it under evidence rules.  

There may have been firing in that area.  But, there was shooting in other areas.  The front of the TSBD as an example.

My theory is that the shooting took place as shown in the video frame recreation above.  You cannot find any video or photo of that day that will give an honest account of that area as the p. limo passed by .  Altgens and Zapruder are frauds.  The Towner film is an animation.  The visual information from the Zapruder Gap was re-purposed into the Z film assassination frames from the pre- Stemmons to much later in the film.  There may have been firing there, but Kennedy was shot in the head before Z 313.  10 or 11 year old Toni Glover on that pedestal on Houston St. said he turned the corner and his head exploded.  Others say something similar.

I would suggest that one of the bigger fraud/propaganda secrets in Dealey Plaza was to get everyone thinking about the sequence and number of shots.  The sequence and number of shots do not tell the whole story.


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The limo in this re-enactment is not in the Z-film gap. Holland proposed that the first shot was fired as the limo passed a highway sign. That sign is to Donaldson's right. The limo is well beyond her, at a point beyond where Holland needed it to be to support his theory. So they lied about it and pretended her recollections supported his theory. The same goes for the other two witnesses present on the program, James Tague and Tina Towner. Both said Holland's theory was nonsense. But the producers of the program hid that from their viewers. 

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1 hour ago, Pat Speer said:

The limo in this re-enactment is not in the Z-film gap.

I think he may be right.  But,


Perspective sure is a problem.  In the recreation photo there is a white line in the lower left-hand corner.  This I suppose represents the crosswalk on Elm St. in front of the TSBD.  The problem in the Zapruder film is there is no discernible crosswalk from the TSBD to the SW corner of Elm and Houston.  I went back and scanned the various Z frames and could not find a crosswalk.  Altgens 6 doesn't show one either.   And, that corner doesn't really resemble the one in the Z film.  But, it has to be the end of the cement on the SW corner going down Elm with the grassy area next.  The grassy area is next in both scenes.  Robert Croft appears to be standing in the grassy area.  So, the moment in time in the recreated scene is essentially the same as Z frame 133 when the limo appears or just a fraction of a second before.

That painted white line gives the illusion the two people are standing east of the TSBD.  I believe Pat is right.  If wrong, it would be by just a small fraction of a second.   

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A lot of the confusion about the layout of Dealey Plaza comes from there being two Elms, with the crosswalk crossing Elm from north to south on the west side of Houston not heading from the northwest corner of Houston and Elm to the southwest corner of Houston and Elm, as one might expect. Instead, it heads over to an island between the two Elms, which is about 30 feet west of Houston. And from there, if I recall,  it cuts back to the southwest corner at a shallower angle. 

So, yeah, the line on the street in Holland's Opus is not just west of Houston street, but 35-40 feet down Elm. While Lawrence/Donaldson's claiming the first shot rang out with the limo where it is shown above is a bit of a problem for those claiming the first shot came later (which is almost everybody) it's an even bigger problem for Holland, whose theory holds that the first shot rang out when the limo passed a freeway sign which was only a few feet past Lawrence/Donaldson's position in the program. 

Here's a photo I've rounded up showing the crosswalk from the island back to the front of the TSBD. 


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Thanks Pat,

That seems a long way across.  You say it is 30 feet from the Island to the sidewalk in front of the TSBD.  Here's a 1967 photo which shows Dealey Plaza hasn't changed much since '63:


The street closest to TSBD and not the actual Elm Street in 1963 leads into the parking lot.  I could be wrong, but that was the original Elm Street.

Does this look about right for the witnesses view of the p. limo on Elm St. from just south of the TBSD's door.  Please correct if not.



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