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How Michael Ignatieff (Liberal Party Leader of Canada 2009 - 2011) maybe connects to the JFK Assassination.

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Michael Grant Ignatieff (born 1947) is a Canadian author, academic and former politician who served as the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and Leader of the Official Opposition from 2008 until 2011.

After his electoral defeat in 2011, Michael taught at the University of Toronto, then Harvard. In 2016, Michael became head of the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. CEU was founded by George Soros in 1991. Long story short, the Hungarians kicked CEU out of the country in 2018.

Michael is the son of George Ignatieff. Count George Ignatieff (1913 – 1989) was an exiled Russian from a noble family that eventually made its way to Canada.

Ignatieff was a key figure in Canadian diplomacy and international relations through the postwar period. He was Ambassador to Yugoslavia (1956–1958), permanent representative to NATO (1963–1966), Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations (1966–1969) and president of the United Nations Security Council (1968–1969). In 1984 Ignatieff was appointed Ambassador for Disarmament by Prime Minister John Turner. source: wikipedia

George was also one of Canada’s delegates to the UN Atomic Energy Commission.

The Troika “Laundromat”

Troika Dialog Bank was formed in the early 1990s and was the first post-Soviet bank to obtain an international banking license. In addition to one of the first commercial banks, Troika was one of Russia’s first investment banks.

Its nickname was the “Troika Laundromat” because it mostly laundered money for Russian Oligarchs and and a variety assorted criminals.

Troika merged with Sberbank in 2011. Sberbank is mostly known for being the main sponsor of the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, which was the “setting” of the famous Steele dossier.

That is all interesting, but we are more interested in Troika Dialog’s founder Peter Derby.

Atomic Lighthouse

The first, only, and decommissioned light house in the United States was erected in Chesapeake Bay in 1964 off of Gibson Island, Maryland.

Gibson Island is the summer retreat of a number of Cold-War era warriors from business and industry. One of those warriors was Merson Booth (if not a resident, then definitely a member of the Gibson Island Club.)

As a US Navy Officer and engineer in the early 1950s, Merson Booth worked on Admiral Rickover’s nuclear submarine program until 1958. He then went to work at the Atomic Energy Commission in its licensing division. In 1958, the first commercial license to manufacture weapons grade uranium was issued to NUMEC (of Apollo, Pennsylvania), whose president was Zalman Shapiro, and who had also previously worked on Rickover’s nuclear boats. (This goes down a different rabbit hole known as the Apollo Affair. Weapons grade uranium ends up in Israel’s nuke program, enough to make six bombs.)

Merson Booth had a son named William. William married Russian Princess Irina Troubetzkoy (b. 1959). Princess Irina’s sister, Princess Natalia (b. 1963), married Peter Derby. , the founder of Troika Dialog.

So, who the hell is Peter Derby?

Peter Derby is a Canadian, or American, or Canadian-American, its not clear. Whatever he is, he told Macleans Magazine in a 1998 interview that his father was a Russian born member of the Canadian delegations to the UN in New York. That, and other quotes and sources (linked) means that according to Peter Derby, his father was George Ignatieff.

That would mean George Ignatieff had three sons, Michael (the business pal of Soros, and former head of Canada’s Liberal Party), Andrew (not well known, but nevertheless accounted for) and this guy Peter.

There is nothing to indicate that Michael has two brothers, only one, whose name is Andrew.

We would argue that Peter Derby wants people to believe his dad was George Ignatieff and not someone else.

By the end of the 1990s, Peter Derby was a known quantity in international banking circles.

If he was a con-man, falsely “trading” on the Ignatieff name, one would think he would not have gotten as far as he did. On the contrary, he seems to have some pretty envious credentials. It is hard to imagine Derby opening the first post-Soviet International bank (and all of the wealth that goes with it, legally acquired or not) unless Derby had connections; and, as we tried to prove, those connections are not through the House of Ignatieff.

The Kennedys and Russians

Michael and his father George Ignatieff are from a noble Russian family (White Russians.)

Peter’s wife, the Princess Natalia Troubetzkoy is also a White Russian.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s “friend”, George DeMohrenschildt was also a White Russian.

The North American White Russian community was small and tight during the Cold War. That George “d’s” brother Dimitri knew George Ignatief is almost certain. They shared a podium at a Slavic Language conference in NYC in about 1949.

George “d’s” eight months in Yugoslavia (‘57-‘58) mostly overlaps with George Ignatieff’s tenure as Canada’s ambassador to Yugoslavia. We do not know if they were there at the same time for the same reason, but we can imagine they probably were.

George DeMohrenschildt is one of the ways the White Russian community connects to the Kennedy Assassination.

There were a few other Russians, “white” or not, not to mention Oswald’s wife or trip to Russia.

To keep things from dragging on, a few weeks after President Kennedy was killed, a KGB agent who had defected to the West in about 1954 writes a letter to the CIA that asserts the KGB killed JFK. The letter would be used by the Warren Commission and their handlers to point fingers in the direction of the Soviets. The KGB defector also came in handy when another KGB Agent named Yuri Nosenko defected in 1964 and argued the KGB was not involved in the President’s murder.

Basically, the CIA liked the story of the first defector and not the story that Nosenko (the second defector) was telling.

The name of the first defector was Peter Deryabin.

That name looks a lot like the name Peter Derby, the guy who is the fake brother of Michael Ignatieff, and who really seemed to hit it big as the first Western Banker to set up shop in the old Soviet Union.

We’re thinking Peter Derby is the son of Peter Deryabin, and the father’s reward, for helping out the Deep State in its JFK Assassination cover-up, was a very valuable banking concession for his son.



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This would be good info for Newman, and his British JFK historian friend Malcom Blunt, both of whom are on board with Pete Bagley’s assessment of Nosenko.

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12 hours ago, Paul Brancato said:

This would be good info for Newman, and his British JFK historian friend Malcom Blunt, both of whom are on board with Pete Bagley’s assessment of Nosenko.

I remember listening to a number of Newman's readings/lectures a few years ago. I may be wrong, but if I recall, he was kind of a Pete Bagley "fan boy."

Bagley's brother (Lt. Com. Worth H. Bagley) wrote the report for JFK after the Taylor Mission to Vietnam (Oct. '61), basically telling the President to "fire" up the war in Vietnam. General Lansdale and a few other "usual suspects" were on the mission with Lt. Com. Bagley (future Admiral), or on the report circulation list, like Bissell. 

I know Newman has put out a lot of work, so I would be surprised if he hasn't looked closely at the Bagley's. (Bagley's father [David Worth Bagley] and two brothers [Worth H. and David H.] were all Admirals, which is some sort of Navy record.

Pete's great uncle was Admiral William Leahy, FDR's Chief of Staff and another Gibson Island "Admiral" family like the McCain & Henry Sturgis Morgan Jr. The Democratic Underground used to have a lot of interesting info about Pete Bagley's daughter, Christina Bagley-Rocca, and her dealings with the Taliban before and after 9/11. I think a lot of that stuff has been purged from the DU archives though.

To add another Rabbit hole, the Troubetzkoy princesses were once flower girls at the 1969 NY wedding of another Russian noble bride related to the Ignatieff clan. The groom and a few of the groomsmen worked at J. Walter Thompson under H.R. Halderman, and show up in the Watergate files.

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