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THE LATEST (JANUARY 2021) update on Angelos Leiloglou's 3D model of Dealey Plaza

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6 hours ago, Micah Mileto said:


This video was unlisted, so it went unnoticed for a year.

Now we at least know that this project didn't go unfinished. Now if we could just have Leiloglou's digital files, for all we know, we may have forensic proof of a conspiracy on our hands.

Thanks for posting this Micah, certainly not my field of expertise, but seems to be scientifically sound.  Mark Johnson inferred that their work was going to produce some startling results.  As this Faro Tech video is already 12 months old it is worth chasing Visual Law for updates.

Mr Johnson's e-mail address = mark@visuallaw.com to be kept in the loop.

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