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Toward A Psychological Understanding Of Lee Harvey Oswald.

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As part of the “Four Days in November” program series to commemorate the 56th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, The ...


I found this presentation very thought provoking. If anyone here hasn't seen this I think you might find it pretty interesting in several respects.

Although the speaker right away calls him the lone assassin of JFK, his professional Psychologist rationality and summary did not change my belief that others enabled Oswald in whatever role he may have had in the Big Event.

Still, I found many of his points worthy of considered and even self reflection.

His recitation of the lyrics of "The Who's" Pete Townshend's "Behind Blue eyes" and relating them to Oswald's emotional make up was interesting. 

Ruth Paine was in the audience. This fellow seemed to be chummy with her. Calling to her by first name once or twice. Ruth herself was a school psychologist was she not?

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