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JFK Assassination: The Single Bullet...but WHICH bullet? Henry Wade, O.P. Wright widow

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21 H 193- 202: 12/11/63 report from Elizabeth L. Wright-Good---Director, Nursing Service to C.J. Price [Mrs. Wright-Good is the widow of O.P. Wright, Parkland Hospital security chief. Wallace Milam interviewed her on 6/23/93 and Mark Oakes did the same on video in Oct. 11, 1994---besides her belief, shared by her husband, that the shots had to have come from more than one direction, ***she showed Oakes on camera an unfired .38 special, WCC revolver bullet which she said was THE bullet that her husband had attempted in vain to give to “an FBI agent”! She showed the bullet to Henry Wade, which is backed up by Oakes videotaped interview with Wade in May 1992 [although, as Oakes and Good acknowledge, Wade got her name wrong] and, to a lesser extent, Wright’s mention of Wade at 21 H 196. Also, at 21 H 198: “Mr. Wright had somewhere down the line asked me if I could ascertain the path of the bullet-or bullets-determine the path, and FIND OUT WHERE THE INSTRUMENT OF INJURY ACTUALLY WAS” (emphasis added). If this weren’t enough, DPD Patrick Dean was married to the daughter of O.P. Wright by a previous marriage (thanks to Wallace Milam for this information).***

THIS VIDEO: A) Oakes videotaped interview with Wade in May 1992; Oakes videotaped interview with Mrs. Elizabeth Wright-Good, the widow of O.P. Wright; C) Wade on the single bullet theory in 1988

Governor Connally stated in his autobiography called “In History’s Shadow”: “But the most curious discovery of all took place when they rolled me off the stretcher, and onto the examining table. A metal object fell onto the floor, with a click no louder than a wedding band. The nurse picked it up and slipped it into her pocket. It was the BULLET FROM MY BODY, the one that passed through my back, chest, and wrist, and worked itself loose from my thigh”(emphasis added-p. 18;”The Investigator” Feb-May 1994).

Corroborating Connally’s memory, from the 11/21/93 Dallas Morning News interview with Henry Wade:” I also went out to see Connally, but he was in the operating room (note the time frame).Some nurse had a bullet in her hand, and said this was on the gurney that Connally was on...I told her to give it to the police, which she said she would. I assume that’s the pristine bullet”(“The Investigator” Feb-May 1994).

 [Both John and Nellie Connally did not believe that the same bullet which hit JFK hit the GovernorSee 4 H 136,147-149, and 20 H 355].

Finally, Gary Shaw (in the 11/22/93 “Dateline: Dallas” issue) came across this passage from the Warren Commission testimony of Parkland nurse Jeanette Standridge: Specter: “Did you notice any object in Governor Connally’s clothing?” Standridge: “Not unusual” Specter:” Did you notice a bullet, specifically?” Standridge: “No” Specter:” Did you hear the sound of anything fall?” Standridge: “I didn’t”


Is THIS “CE399”? What’s going on here?

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Yes, fascinating interview of the chief Parkland nurse and former wife of Parkland Hospital Security Chief O.P. Wright.

Simply amazing the prediction of her sister regards JFK being killed in Dallas that day.

Her sister called her ( at what point of time exactly I didn't get ) but apparently the morning of 11,22,1963?

Her sister was crying as she told Mrs. Wright that "they were going to kill him?"

That JFK would be "shot" and "killed" during his visit to Dallas "that day."

The sister was so believing of and deeply shaken effected by this very specific time, location and method of killing JFK horror premonition she was literally crying as she shared it with Mrs. Wright.

And this sister had made other predictions ( "of doom" ) before this one which Mrs. Wright implied were also accurate?  Wow!

Also, the recollection account Mrs. Wright ( remarried with another last name ) gave regards the bullet found on Governor Connally's gurney was kind of scattered and confusing to me.

She was given a bullet from her husband at Parkland that day? One that she had kept all those years until this interview? A bullet never fired and looking different that the magic bullet replica shown to her by the interviewer?

She mentioned that finding bullets on stretchers in ER situations was not uncommon?

She felt Connally's recollection of hearing something drop from his gurney while he was being placed on the operating table was just not believable under the circumstances he described and his grave physical and stressed mental state?

She did not reflect much on the other story the interviewer recounted regarding another bullet reportedly found by someone on the Gurney used to transport Connally from the limo to the OR?

Was "that" bullet handed to her husband O.P. Wright at some point?

And where the heck did the unspent bullet Mrs. Wright claimed her husband handed her that afternoon come from?

Mrs. Wright did say at the end of the interview that the neck wound incision she had seen in JFK books was not something Dr. Malcolm Perry would have done? As it was so wide? 

Did Bethesda Naval Hospital Commander James Humes make that Trach neck wound incision wider perhaps to study it in more detail? To probe it for directional study?

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