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George Lincoln Rockwell seems like he was acting, same for George's financial sponsor Harold Arrowsmith Jr., same for the target of Harold's anti-Semitic screeds, Admiral Louis Strauss.

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George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American poopoo Party, actually did come from a family of actors. His father ("Doc") was a pretty famous Vaudeville actor.


George L. “Doc” Rockwell (born in Providence, R.I. on this day in 1889) was a nut comic who gave mock “lectures” on anatomy at the Palace and throughout the vaudeville circuits throughout the twenties and early 30s. He also starred in Broadway revues, and had his own coast-to-coast radio show for NBC in 1939, as well as appearing on Fred Allen’s show with frequency. He also wrote a humor column. His tagline was “Quack Quack Quack”. He was a very silly comedian, much beloved, and he STILL has his fans. Full article here.

George L. "American poopoo" Rockwell (Born in Bloomington, Illinois, March 9, 1918) supposedly did drop "hints" that his "Heil Hitlers" and SS uniforms were an act. The construction of a "home grown" poopoo party could have certainly had some uses as "Cointelpro" or domestic "Gladio" operation back in the 1950s, especially as the Civil Rights Movement accelerated growth from it's grass-roots.

George Lincoln's sponsor is probably more interesting. Harold Noel Arrowsmith Jr. financed George Lincoln Rockwell's early efforts to get an American poopoo Party up and running, circa 1957/1958. Harold paid for George's house and a commercial grade printing press, among other useful items for the cause.

Harold Jr. definitely comes across as a nut as well as a nuisance. He was always a little bit "out there." Harold was able to avoid service in WW2 because the Army didn't think he was the type of guy who should be allowed to carry a rifle. 

Harold Jr. came from a wealthy Baltimore family that was originally from New York City. His family tree has names like Bleeker and Lispenard, whom the streets in NYC were named after. The family fortune supposedly came from a block of Dun & Bradstreet stock the family owned for decades. Harold Sr. was the Canon of the Baltimore Cathedral and was an early investor in the Gibson Island Corporation, with others like William Stuart Symington Sr., Robert S. Mueller Sr., John Jakob Raskob (the DuPont CEO), and Eugene DuPont. 

Harold Jr. knew some Actual poopoo's.

His 1957/1958 antics in-and-around Washington DC we will get into, because they seem like an act. Act or not, Harold's name comes up in the CIA's Munich station files in the Winter of 1962. The CIA and BND were keeping tabs on Hans Rechenburg, the journalist who worked for Walther Funk and Goebbels during the war, and poopoo heir advocate after the war. (Rechenburg lobbied to have assets returned to the widows and orphans of poopoo big-shots.) The same week in early 1962 that Harold was corresponding with Rechenburg, Rechenburg was corresponding with Otto Skorzeny.

In late 1957 and 1958 though, Harold seemed to put a lot of effort into convincing the FBI and various DC VIPs that he was a dyed-in-the-wool poopoo. (See Atlanta Synagogue Bombing.)

In June 1958, Harold went shopping for Rockwell's expensive commercial printer in the DC area. Harold, who supposedly was an expert at spotting "Jews", told Mr. Ziegler how he wanted to use the machine to print anti-Semitic screeds and "by-the-way, we are protesting the Israeli Embassy next week." Harold bought the printer and Mr. Ziegler called the FBI.

Harold would show up in various offices around DC in the second half of 1958 and first half of 1959. Newspaper accounts and his FBI files paint Harold as an unhinged anti-Semite who lives in his mom's basement. He was a "bachelor."

Admiral Louis Lichtenstein Strauss

It shouldn't be that hard to imagine that the American poopoo Party, was at least formed in part, to increase domestic "tension", just by its mere existence, and to recruit ruffians and goons to carry out acts of actual terror, or just hold a sign with a Swastika in front of the Israeli Embassy.  (Rockwell used to throw keg parties at his poopoo headquarters for recruiting purposes. It looks like the Delta House.)

382066819_deltaHitlerhouseRockwell.jpg.a42c69098c740e415246763e3d7fcdf1.jpgHarold's related antics though seem a little more nuanced. Ultimately, Harold ends up helping to scuttle the confirmation of Admiral Louis Lichtenstein Strauss as Secretary of Commerce on June 19, 1959.

Strauss had been Sec. of Commerce under a recess appointment since October 1958. Before that, Strauss was Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (1953 to 1958); before that Admiral in charge of Navy Weapons R&D*; before that, partner at Kuhn Loeb. (He was also Forrestal's secretary at some point, and Herbert Hoover's assistant just after WWI.)

Strauss's last year at the AEC** seemed like it must have been pretty busy. The first commercial license to make weapons grade Uranium was awarded to NUMEC of Apollo, PA. That NUMEC was the creation of a merger between three Penny Stocks, one of which was controlled by ASARCO, the worlds largest smelter, and owned by the Guggenheims and Rockefellers, seems more important than the attention it gets.

Maybe it would have gotten more attention if the nut-job Anti-Semite Harold Arrowsmith Jr. didn't turn his focus on Strauss as a member of a Secret Jewish/Bolshevik conspiracy in 1919, instead of more current concerns that would eventually lead to Israel obtaining nukes against the wishes of future President Kennedy.



*[A different Rabbit Hole] - Strauss oversaw development of the proximity fuse during WWII. Much of the work was done at Langley Field near Norfolk, VA where NASA's predecessor NACA was located. Before Julius Rosenberg took the nuke secrets from Los Alamos, he took the proximity fuse plans from Ft. Monmouth, as a quality control inspector for Emerson Electric, whose President at the time was William Stuart Symington Jr.

**[Then this Rabbit Hole] - Atomic Energy Commission Personnel Directory (about 1956.) L.P. Gise, that's Jeff Bezo's grandfather. Other interesting names probably worth a look. "Dorsey" as in Jack?; "Armstrong" as in Amory/Armstrong family?; "Fine" as in Malcolm Jerry Hoy reference?.


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I ran a newspaper in Hopewell, VA called the Hopewell News in the late 80s and 90s. It was just south of Richmond, a little over 2 hours from DC. Always did a lot of commercial printing for outside clients. I was told that during the 80s, before my arrival, they were printing Rockwell's newspaper and that he would come down frequently when pages were delivered and was usually obnoxious. Our composing room foreman reportedly smacked him upside the head with a heavy glass ashtray on one such visit.

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Rockwell came to Bucknell U when I was there. He was supposed to speak in the school auditorium, but someone figured out how controversial he was. So instead he spoke in front of the Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammy) house, the Jewish fraternity.  A couple of my favorite professors got into some hot water over this...

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