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JFK: Case NOT Closed

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44 minutes ago, Greg Doudna said:

The Marcello theories, such as HSCA, Blakey, and everyone else, have it Marcello-Trafficante, in which although Marcello was in closest control of Dallas, police contacts and (via Ferrie and Banister) Oswald, the actual shooters likely came from Trafficante in Florida. Herminio Diaz was Trafficante's bodyguard (http://cuban-exile.com/doc_026-050/doc0027-1.html). "Del Valle worked for Trafficante in the U.S. and was an associate of his in Cuba" (https://www.kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-cia-and-mafia-s-cuban-american-mechanism-and-the-jfk-assassination). 

What makes you sure that associates of Trafficante doing the shooting in Dallas (if so) were not sent by Trafficante?


Of course, I am not sure. Good points. 

My recollection, off the top of my head, was that Blakey said the FBI had telephone intercepts on major Mob figures except for Marcello, as the feds had always underestimated Marcello's size and reach. So Blakey was suspicious of Marcello.

Of course, telephone intercepts are not 100% (Trafficante could go to a phone booth, for example).

If the Mob put Del Valle and Diaz up to the JFKA, they still must have had tacit cooperation or intel from someone inside the CIA. Someone who told them that LHO would make the perfect patsy, and whose background could cause a true post-JFKA investigation to fizzle. 

But IMHO the record is that LHO was a CIA asset for years, at a time when the agency was running literally thousands of assets in the form of fortune-hunters, mobsters, and Cuban exiles. But how would the Mob know about LHO? From the outside LHO looked like a small-time communist agitator. 

OK, so we can posit someone inside the CIA said to Marcello-Trafficante,  "Send Del Valle and Diaz to LHO, and they use their street cred as CIA assets to organize a fake (unsuccessful), false-flag JFKA. We will advise LHO we will fix evidence after the fact to clear him, arrange a safe house (maybe LHO would be "found dead") and this will advance his spy career greatly."

Then, either Del Valle, Diaz, or another party in the Dal-Tex building fired in earnest. So, is this a "Mob plot" or a CIA plot that used the Mob as instruments---or, a CIA PR stunt-plot that went haywire due to thug-Mob involvement? 

The long history of LHO, and the curiously successful Mexico City visit to Kostikov, and the Walker shooting (biography builder) all point to the CIA grooming LHO for the JFKA event. Which may have been planned as a failed fake, false-flag assassination. Of course, the autopsy and WC cover-up also point to a federal operation to stymie a true investigation. 

So...maybe we agree, or maybe not. One can say Del Valle and Diaz are Mob assets, or CIA assets...or both. But only the CIA could have built the LHO biography, and then only the feds could engineer the phony WC. 

It sure looks like the Mob engineered the rubout of LHO. Point in your favor. Maybe. 

A snarl of facts and skullduggery for sure. 






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