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He was corrupt.  Many have seen The Thin Blue Line.  Some are aware of what DNA has proven.

Henry Wade, Dallas (injusticeproject.org)

But he was also a puppet of LBJ and influenced by the mob.  Let's be clear here.  The mob did not have JFK killed.  As asserted by Mark North in Betrayl In Dallas.  The source of the following, sourced by him to the LBJ Presidential Library, the Dallas Morning News and more.  They likely played roles in in the set up, Ruby, and the cover up.  jmo.

Henry and LBJ go back to at least 1950 per there letters.  First an aside on Wade and the mob.

11/7/62, Zu-Ro-Ma club meeting notes in the Dallas Italian community newspaper.  "Among the guests were Earle Cabbell, District Attorney Henry Wade, Sherrif Bill Decker . . ."  5/3/58 "Judge Glenn Byrd (?), Barefoot Sanders, later a LBJ appointee.  They met weekly for food, cards and conversation on Thursday nights.  Zu Roma used to be the Anonymous Club.  Until Dallas mob head Joe Civello got busted at a national meeting in Apalachin New York in 1958 that exposed the mafia to J Edgar Hoover.  (ha)  Exhibits pg. 237  Wade and Decker knew Civello and Campisi.


Wade.  3/2/1950.  M/M LBJ, while in Washington . . . enjoyed your cocktail party . . .anything I can do down here.  Your friend.

LBJ.  3/8/1950.  Dear Henry: Ladybird and I think you were mighty nice to write us such a thoughtful note . . .

Note, Wade is not DA at this point, but a Dallas lawyer.

Wade.  7/19/1951.  Deay Lyndon.  Appreciate the signed photograph, will hang prominently in the office.  District Attorney Henry Wade.

LBJ.  3/1/1954.  

Dear Hank,

Jake Pickle has written me of his recent visit with you.  He told me of your generous of assistance this summer in case, as seems likely, that you do not have an opponent.

I want you to know how much I appreciate this, Hank.  I have always felt, of course, I could count on the Wade brothers all the way down the line.  At the same time it makes me feel mighty good to hear from old and true friends who want to help for the pure sake of helping.  Thanks for this and all the other things you've done for me.

. . . 

Best Regards.

Lyndon B Johnson

More to come.  

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20 hours ago, Vince Palamara said:


She showed me this bullet.  She had it in her hand.  Wade can't remember dooky from Shinola in this, uh, uh, uh.  I don't think he ever believed in the Single, Magic, Pristine bullet since Specter invented it.  Maybe it or Oswald was a lone nut, even before the assassination.  My main point starting the thread was he had his nose up LBJ's ass since at least 1950.  LBJ had loyal personal contact, at the top of the Dallas legal hierarchy in 1963, to control things. 

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1 hour ago, Lawrence Schnapf said:

but check out his years-long correspondence with Harold Weissburg. 


I’ve not heard of this. Could you summarize?

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The first time I watched Dallas DA Wade speak to the national press on TV the evening of 11/24/1963 I instantly got a gut feeling the guy was corrupt and probably a person of extreme right segregationist views.

He had that "Good Ole Boy" look and manner of speech.

When identifying the name of Oswald's killer Jack Ruby Wade feigned ignorance of knowing Ruby as well as he did. 

He said to the press "his name is a ... Jack Rubenstein I believe?" with an unsure expression on his face.

COME ON!  Wade knew Jack Ruby as well as he knew anyone else in Dallas. Wade came in for drinks at the Carousel!

When Wade was reminded by a member of the press that Jack Ruby was present at the other earlier press conference of Wade's, Wade responded with this ridiculous comment that he noticed he ( Ruby ) shouted out to Wade something about Oswald's connection to "The Fair Play For Cuba" committee.

And that he ( Wade) thought Ruby was a member of the press. Again, please! 

Wade knew Jack Ruby well enough to know who he was looking at and listening to when Ruby was shouting back at him while he ( Ruby) was standing singularly and totally visible on the top of that table.

When another reporter told Wade he noticed Ruby personally talking to Wade at the end of that earlier news conference and it appeared to this reporter that he ( Wade )  looked as if was quite friendly or familiar with Ruby, Wade didn't answer except to show an embarrassed "hand caught in the cookie jar" type smile on his face.

And Wade also knew at that close up, one-on-one, face to face conversation encounter time with Ruby that Ruby was at that conference and who he was.

You'd think someone of Wade's high responsibility position and in that unprecedented important circumstance of this world watching press briefing right inside the Dallas police department building might have thought..."What the heck is this sleazy strip joint owner doing here?" "How the heck did he even get in here?"

Ruby's presence there didn't seem to faze Wade.


Wade's press speech comments about Ruby were a phony charade on Wade's part to hide his true long time knowledge of and club visiting relationship with "his name is a ... Jack Rubenstein I believe?" Jack Ruby.

So, Wade was l---- from the get go.

And anyone brown nosing the totally corrupt LBJ for 15 years like Wade did was no boy scout leader - imo anyway.




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More correspondence between Hank and LBJ.


Dear Hank,

I am glad to know you are thinking of making the race for Congress from the Dallas district next year.  I hope you will finally decide to run.  We need men like you up here. . . .  I appreciate our kind remarks about me.  You are very flattering, my friend, but I am not a candidate for president.  the job I have suits me fine.  Please keep me informed of your plans, and let me know if there is any way I can be of service.

Best personal regards,.


Lyndon B. Johnson


Dear Henry:

      With old and true friends like us it would be superfluous to say it, but I just want to drop you a reminder -- I'm for you lock, stock and barrel.  I'm behind you in just about anything  you undertake to do and I hope you know it.  . . . 


Lyndon B. Johnson


Dear Senator:

I have read with much interest the mouthings of Paul Butler and want you to know that I feel like you are a hundred percent right and that it has strengthened  considerably your chances of being our next president. . . . 

If there is anything that you would like for me to do, please call on me.

Your devoted friend,

Henry Wade 

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Posted (edited)


Dear Henry:

It was very thoughtful of you to write me as you did on July 21.

I have enjoyed your friendship for many years, and I am grateful for any help that you can give to me to enable me to do a better job for my state and nation.  

The Wade brothers have always been my strong supporters, and i will always be grateful.



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When I interviewed DA Henry Wade and, separately, Detective James Leavelle,

both indicated to me that the case against Oswald on the

presidential assassination was not strong (Oswald told his brother

Robert on November 23, "Don't believe all this so-called evidence"). That was why,

as a little-noticed FBI memorandum indicates, Oswald was never even arraigned for the assassination, only

for the Tippit murder, although he was charged with both crimes.

Leavelle told me Captain Fritz instructed him to make a case against

Oswald for the Tippit murder because the case

for the Kennedy murder was not as strong (I asked

Leavelle why he thought that was, and Leavelle

said that in the Tippit case they had witnesses; but, as

we know, the witness testimony in that murder was

all over the place and often dubious). J. Edgar Hoover himself on November 23 told

LBJ, "This man in Dallas. We, of course, charged him with the murder

of the President. The evidence that they have at the present time

is not very very strong." 

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Really heavy criticism toward Jim Garrison regards his supposed soft on Marcello record in another current thread.

But what of Wade's record on the Mob in Dallas all his years?

Seems like Civello, Campisi and their over-boss Marcello had it pretty easy with Wade with no major problems during Wade's tenure. Even a friendly one in his participation in their local social club?

So, why not the Garrison type scrutiny and criticism of Wade in this same regard?

Garrison is being reamed in that other thread for his so-called hands off Marcello stance.


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Posted (edited)

On to the campaign.


Mr. Walter Jenkins

C/O Honorable Lyndon B. Johnson

Belatedly I wanted to thank you for helping me and the First Citizens Bank with the application for the FDIC.  . . .  I was out in California all last week trying to stir up some strength for the Senator . . .   I want to go back about a week before the convention and would like very much to be a delegate . . . 

Your friend,

Henry Wade

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Posted (edited)

There are more letters, and more to Henry himself. 

But it still amazes me, his power, position and connections at the time and place of the assassination and it's aftermath.  He was kind of the man in the middle so to speak.  In addition to his fawning obsession with LBJ consider:

His friendly relationship with the Zuroma club members, Civello and Campisi.  Attending dinner and drinks at their weekly illegal poker game, with Sheriff Decker.

Of course as DA he dealt with DPD Chief Curry  on a regular basis.

Then there's the Mayor.  The CIA contact, Earl Cabbell.  He likely knew Earl's brother Air Force General Charles, fired by JFK over the Bay of Pigs.

Then there's JR.

Handy Hank in LBJ's time of need.

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