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How did Fritz know when Ruby was in position to kill Oswald?

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On 4/1/2022 at 7:14 AM, Jim Hargrove said:

Thanks for another fascinating post, Joe.

Your sarcasm about the WC’s description of Ruby just sauntering down the crowded and highly secure entrance ramp to the DPD parking basement is well founded.  We think Ruby took an entirely different route, one that was suppressed by the WC because it screamed out that there was at least one other accomplice, namely the “reserve officer” who replaced officers Brock and Worley along the route most likely taken by Ruby through the annex building (attached to City Hall).  We think that reserve officer was Kenneth Croy, the same man who said he was first at the Tippit murder scene and gave the throw-down wallet to Westbrook.


Bumping this for Joe Bauer regarding comments on his If Ruby Missed thread.

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