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MORE LBJ on the Kennedy Assassination 1969 aired in 1975 (color, extended)

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I've mentioned and posted this LBJ/Walter Cronkite interview link here on the forum many times over the years.

Doing so because I have and always will consider it an almost unbelievable revelation of conspiratorial admission ... on the part of LBJ himself!

LBJ's "others may have been involved "comments are not vague and ambiguous.

They are clear, direct and simple in their message. 

And if body language study is a true science, LBJ in this interview was a classic case of L**** and guilt and holding back. Have you ever seen anyone look so uncomfortable as LBJ when he began his "others may have been involved" reflection sharing?

Shifting widely his head and entire body in his seat. Stammering and halting speaking. Eyes looking down, blinking like crazy and even being held shut for a second or two at a time. Like he just couldn't look directly at Cronkite when stating his doubts about the full truth of Oswald's background and his "others that may have been involved" comments.

No wonder LBJ ordered this segment of the Cronkite interview kept secreted away until after his death.

IMO...it's a clear revelation of conspiratorial belief on LBJ's part!

I will always be disturbingly amazed that this LBJ/Cronkite interview tape hasn't been shown or even mentioned or talked about 1,000 times more than it has in the years since it was released.

Could you imagine if Oliver Stone had access to this shocking LBJ revelation  interview and included it in his film JFK?

Triggering this deeply suspicious but rational question in the film audience minds:

If LBJ himself had these Oswald not acting alone doubts 5 years after the WC report ...  WHAT THE HECK!?

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