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Did President Joe Biden Just Pardon Abraham Bolden?

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Could there ever be a major film produced centered around Bolden? Or a TV docu series like the new "Gas Lit?"

Me thinks...never.

The dark side truth of our highest government forces since JFK in their decades of unbelievably unjust punishment of Bolden would be too much for the masses to consume. It would shake our already fragile trust/ mistrust of our government since JFK, even more.

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Yes, its really a nice way for the film to close its window.

Glad I included that question on Oliver's cue sheet.

And Paul did a nice job answering it.  But so did Jim Gochenaur.

If you recall, Elmer Moore went batty when Jim brought him up.  "We got that n---er!"

JIm: "You got him?"

Moore:  "No, the chief."

Referring to Kelly.

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2 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

His attorney just called me and thanked me profusely..

On my Linked In just now!

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'James C. Feldman CPA, ABV, CFF, MBA 9:30 PM Hi Vince-- Abraham Bolden made history today and obtained his long overdue pardon from President Biden! have been working with Abraham, his attorney Barbara Klein, the DOJ, and several others for many years now hoping for this day. Justice at last! Best egards James.'

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