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Did President Joe Biden Just Pardon Abraham Bolden?

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On 5/7/2022 at 7:12 PM, Ron Bulman said:

I re read a few passages in Echo From Dealy Plaza today.  This gets kind of weird.

Bolden says news of the four suspects came to supervisor Martineau during a meeting and all present heard his end of the call., which was from the local FBI office.  The Black story says ranking agent Stocks took the call from Washington.  Neither guy thought it was the SS job to investigate as there was no official "threat" to the president.  Bolden says Martineau called Rowley's office and was told to investigate.  Black says the office received a TWX from Rowley saying the same thing. 

Both stories agree Stocks blew his cover not turning his radio down and the suspects heard it then took off.  Bolden was listening on the radio when it happened.  He says they were lost in traffic.  End of his story.  Black says Martineau decided to bring them in anyway, and that they were, "in the very early morning hours".  They were interrogated in separate rooms, one by Stocks with no results by10 AM.  No records of it all found.  Others involved "didn't remember"?

Was Bolden left out of the loop on "the rest of the story"?

It would be an interesting question to ask him about.

Bumping as no one commented.  Wondering if anyone else read Joe's link or my comment.

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