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An inquiry to Max Good concerning an allegation published by Max Good concerning Ruth Paine

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I have received no response to the below polite, legitimate private inquiry to Max Good, producer of the film "The Assassination & Mrs. Paine". This followed an earlier polite attempt from me similarly worded of a private message via the Education Forum, unanswered. I also earlier discussed the claim and made two requests asking Max Good to disclose his source in that discussion, here: https://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/27750-are-any-records-being-held-back-on-ruth-paine/.


Is it ethical for a journalist to refuse to answer a question of this nature concerning an allegation made by that journalist and published by that journalist? 


From:Greg D
Sent:Tuesday, May 17, 2022 10:08 PM
To:Max Good <00000000000@00000.000>
Subject:The classified Paine files claim
Hi Max,
As I'm sure you have seen I have been offering comments
on your film concerning Ruth Paine, I hope not representing
you inaccurately or unfairly even when disagreeing over
the negative portrayals in the film of Ruth, whom I knew in
the Saint Petersburg, Florida Friends Meeting twenty years
ago. I do not believe the accusations aired in the film are true.
At the end of your film in text on-screen you say there are
dozens of files related to the Paines that remain classified.
This leaves viewers wondering what is being hidden. It makes
Ruth Paine look suspicious, as the closing thought viewers take
away from the film.
Can you say what was your source for that claim? Did you verify
that it was true? Are you able to name or identify any specific
non-tax-return Paine record which remains withheld?
If you were mistaken on that closing statement,
would you consider posting and publicizing a correction,
in fairness to Ruth?
Greg Doudna
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The exact wording of the claim at the end of "The Assassination & Mrs. Paine":

“In October 2021, President Biden chose to continue blocking the release of the files.”

Dozens of files related to the Paines remain classified.”

Note the claim: "dozens of files related to the Paines remain classified" after Oct 2021. Not dozens of records, but dozens of files.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A reviewer in San Francisco of the film:

"Berkeley-based director Max Good's film doesn't draw any firm conclusions, but it also doesn't shy away from confronting Mrs. Paine with difficult questions--which she bats away with impressive equanimity. CIA agent, Quaker peace activist, or both? Until the federal government finally releases all the relevant classified documents--and Trump and Biden both flinched when presented with the opportunity--we're unlikely to find out." (https://www.berkeleyside.org/2022/06/03/sf-docfest-the-assassination-and-mrs-paine-we-were-hyphy-i-get-knocked-down)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

No one, not Max Good, nor Jim DiEugenio, nor anyone, has still, to this moment, offered one whisper of evidence or source of knowledge for that powerful closing claim of the film, presented as if it is a known fact. Nobody is saying. 

So persuasive and effective rhetorically. 

Why stop at claiming "dozens" of Paine files remain classified? Why not claim "tens of thousands" of files of the Paines remain classified? Or millions, or billions, of Ruth Paine Paine files still classified? Why not?

If a central closing claim in a documentary film can be made without source or evidence, in a film which does not claim any evidence Ruth Paine was involved with the CIA or the assassination, why not?

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Greg - even one classified file could change your perception. Same is true of the unreleased files on Joannides for instance. Your mafia theory could fall apart. We simply don’t know what’s in the unreleased files. But we do know they are being suppressed at the behest of one National security entity or another, so I’m sure we could all agree that sources and methods doesn’t explain all of it. Secrets are being hidden. 

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