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In 2015, a specific type of tracheostomy incision was named after Parkland Memorial Hospital.

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Note: This does not appear to be the same type of procedure allegedly used on JFK. While Drs. Perry and McClelland told the Warren Commission that there was cutting of the strap muscles on the front of the neck, the muscles in the "Parkland 12-step checklist" tracheostomy are merely retracted.

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  • Micah Mileto changed the title to In 2015, a specific type of tracheostomy incision was named after Parkland Memorial Hospital.

The first tracheotomy procedure was performed by Carrico, who inserted an endotracheal tube into JFK's mouth and attempted to insert it properly into JFK's trachea.  The endotracheal tube's inflation collar was above the level of JFK's throat wound, so the endotracheal tube procedure was nonfunctional and was removed by Dr. Perry who performed the second tracheotomy procedure on JFK (apparently believing that JFK was still alive based in part upon Carrico's having inserted an endotracheal tube), which would not have been an appropriate medical procedure if the patient was already dead, as JFK appears to have been upon his arrival at Parkland.  Dr. Jenkins attached an artificial respiration device to the tube but it is unclear whether or not it was turned on, since it would not have delivered air to JFK's lungs since the inflatable collar of the tube was above the level of JFK's throat wound and could not seal his trachea properly.  Dr. Perry (assisted by Drs. Baxter and McClelland) began the 2nd tracheotomy procedure (surgical this time), but appeared to have stopped upon realizing that JFK was not displaying signs of life.  In the 2:15 press conference, Dr. Perry reported only Dr. Carrico's endotracheal intubation procedure (he actually spelled out "endotracheal" when reporters asked for clarification) and didn't mention his own surgical incision at all, leading many people to think that only one tracheotomy procedure had been performed on JFK.  In fact, an endotracheal tracheotomy (Carrico) and a surgical tracheotomy were both performed on JFK, both apparently after he had died, which is problematic from a medical ethics standpoint and may explain why Perry didn't mention his own tracheotomy work in the press conference.  Perry changed the description of the surgical tracheotomy procedure he performed (several times) after receiving persuasive communication from Washington before the night was over.

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