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New podcast interview with RFK witness/photographer Scott Enyart

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RFK assassination witness Scott Enyart is the only person who took photographs in the Ambassador Hotel kitchen during the shooting. He also took pictures in the ballroom during the senator's victory speech and after the shooting. Enyart let the Los Angeles Police Department have the photos on the agreement that they would return them, but he never received the ones taken during the shooting. He tells that Kafkaesque story in this podcast discussion with me and host Bob Wilson on I'M LOOKING THROUGH YOU.



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Sorry to see this moved.  As JFK and RFK were Brothers (according to David Talbot) and both were assassinated as President and running for President I find it relevant in the bigger picture of both events. 

A few notes from the latter part.

Security guard had gun out.

Pause in the shooting?

RFK speaking Spanish o the kitchen staff?

Booked two guns into evidence that night.

Gun on the table in RFK autopsy photograph is not the same caliber.

All records went to Sacramento?  Why?  An LA murder, not a federal crime at the time either, FBI wasn't interested.  CIA was, hence, Manny and co.

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