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Hi Jack,

I've been interested in photography since my first visit to a darkroom well over 30 years ago (sheesh -- it doesn't seem that long ago!!).  Honestly, though, I only credit myself with about 15-20 years of "serious" photographic experience.  I took lots of pictures (some good, many bad!), not seriously studying or excelling at either the art or the science side of photography. 

However, I had a bit of a 're-birth' in the photographic field in the mid-late 1980's when I had the opportunity to work on some imaging-related research projects.  These projects forced me to improve my understanding of light, optics, and the various methods we have for image capture (film, ccd, etc).  I've since focused, admittedly, more in the technical/scientific side of imaging than in the art of taking "good" (aka artistic composition, etc) pictures.


I've often thought that something of great value to the research community would be a repository of ultra high-quality scans/digitizations of the photographic and film evidence.  I know that this could be a monumental task, and probably not one that could or would ever be "complete."  I, for one, do not have any idea how to gain access to the original negatives/slides/images, etc.  Nor do I know the feasibility of even approaching such a challenge.  Perhaps some folks with more experience in this area could comment  (should this be a separate thread?  I don't want to hijack our discussion of the missing windows....)



Thanks for the info, Frank. As far as I know, I am the most complete repository

of JFK images. If you are seeking any particular image, ask and I may have

it already scanned.

Oh...I did my first darkroom work in the late 50s, and almost daily for the next

40 years. I got my first Leica about 1955. Most of my photos were related to my

advertising job. I recently donated my collection of more than 10,000 images to

a local university. (click on URL at bottom of page)


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