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Biography: Katie Lips

Katie Lips

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My company is Kisky Netmedia Ltd. I wanted to join the forum to share a project with your users – if this is appropriate. I have enclosed my details and some info on our recent project Freeloader – an online space for teachers and pupils to explore mobile audio. I have a particular interest in ICT in education and have worked as a technologist on a range of public sector ICT projects including for the DfES.

Formed in 2002 to explore web and mobile interaction, Kisky Netmedia is a leader in the development of creative ideas, innovative products and projects in the space where mobile and web converge. Kisky works to create the next generation of cross media artistic and commercial applications. Kisky’s previous work includes ‘Treasuremytext’ an award winning online environment allowing mobile users to store and ‘treasure’ their SMS text messages.

With a background in working in the ICT in education sector, Kisky makes technology which is user centric and which offers users and consumers more control in a mobile environment. Kisky has recently worked with FACT in Liverpool to deliver a groundbreaking music education project making the integration of mobile audio possible within a classroom environment.

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