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Paul Gregory and LHO schoolmates ? Nope...


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Quote :  "Peter Gregory ' s son, Paul, was a schoolmate of Oswald's at Stripling Junior High School in Fort Worth in the academic year 1954-55.  The school records documenting Oswald ' s enrollment, which were hand-delivered to FBI agents by assistant principal Frank Kudlaty, were subsequently lost by the FBI."  ( from  https://www.jfkassassinationforum.com/index.php?topic=756.20 )

Another source mentions "The student's name was Paul Gregory, the son of Russian emigre Peter Paul Gregory. 5421 In the fall of 1954 both Paul Gregory and Harvey Oswald attended Stripling and both were in the 9th grade"

That last one is almost insinuating them being classmates

Reading Paul Gregory's WC statement that is not what I can make of it, or am I missing something ?

Again much about nothing I guess ? 

I'm beginning to find way too much of such stuff... often the same, check - check - uncheck










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