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WC and the FBI/CIA - read the handwritten note...


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Nothing was delivered
And I tell this truth to you
Not out of spite nor anger
But simply because it's true

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14 hours ago, Benjamin Cole said:

Spy vs. Spy! 

Some say I was trying to get a secret message to Murphy, my brother-in-spies in Ireland


The CIA lost track of it’s operative in Ireland “Murphy. ” The CIA boss says, “All I can tell you is that his name is Murphy and that he’s somewhere in Ireland.

If you think you’ve located him, tell him the code words, “The weather forecast calls for mist in the morning. ”

If it’s really him, he’ll answer, “Yes, and for mist at noon as well. ”

So the spy hunter goes to Ireland and stops in a bar in one of the small towns.

He says to the bartender, “Maybe you can help me. I’m looking for a guy named Murphy. ”

The bartender replies, “You’re going to have to be more specific because, around here, there are lots of guys named Murphy.

There’s Murphy the Baker, who runs the pastry shop on the next block. There’s Murphy the Banker, who’s president of our local savings bank. There’s Murphy the Blacksmith, who works at the stables.

And, as a matter of fact, my name is Murphy, too. ”

Hearing this, the spy hunter figures he might as well try the code words on the bartender, so he says, “The weather forecast calls for mist in the morning. ”

The bartender replies, “Oh, you’re looking for Murphy the Spy. He lives right down the street".

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