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Update information by Robert Morrow on two November JFK Assassination Conferences in Dallas

Douglas Caddy

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Two blockbuster JFK assassination conferences will be convening this November in Dallas!! JFK Historical and CAPA!


 There are two blockbuster in-person JFK assassination conferences in Dallas this November. Please attend them if you can and RECRUIT other interested parties to come!!

Folks, we have two blockbuster JFK assassination conferences coming up this fall in Dallas: JFK Historical (Nov. 17-20) and Citizens Against Political Assassinations (Nov. 19-20). There are many good speakers to learn from and even by entertained by at both conferences. Probably the best speaker will be Ed Tatro who is undoubtedly one of the top JFK assassination researchers of all time and who I rank as the #2 currently living JFK assassination researcher in the world (behind you know who ….) Ed Tatro will be presenting at the Saturday night Nov. 19 dinner (6:45PM to 8:15PM) over at JFK Historical. Any presentation by Dr. Mike Chesser on the JFK head x-rays is a must watch as well.

I advocate going to BOTH conferences and I will popping back and forth between the two of them like I usually do. I also always make a trip out to Oswald’s grave at Shannon Rose Hill Cemetery in Fort Worth and I walk around Dealey Plaza as well. And if you want to know who orchestrated the JFK assassination: the criminal psychopath who did it was Lyndon Baines Johnson in order to forestall the Kennedys impending and absolute destruction of LBJ. It is kind of amazing how many people who attend and present at these conferences have not figured out that fundamental fact (I am here to help you!)

2022 JFK Historical Conference - Dallas

1) JFK Historical is having one November 17-20 at the Doubletree Dallas Market Center near downtown Dallas Hilton. You can book at this web link: - https://www.jfkhistorical.com/#featured-section Here is the schedule of events and speakers: https://www.jfkhistorical.com/blog


Dallas November 17th-20th Doubletree Inn on Market St. Dallas, Texas

(Schedule subject to change)

Thursday November 17th

8pm-? Meet and Greet with speakers

Friday November 18th

8:15am-8:20am David Denton- Intro

8:20am-9:20am Mal Hyman- Media and JFK Assassination

9:25am-10:25am Robert Groden

10:35am-11:35am Casey Quinlan

11:40am-12:30pm Larry Rivera- Malcom X (part I)

12:35pm-1:35pm Luncheon featuring Ryan Jones- MLK

1:40pm-2:30pm Larry Rivera- Malcom X (part II)

2:35pm-3:55pm Brian Edwards

3:45pm-4:45pm Phil Nelson

4:50pm-5:50pm Pete Hymans- RFK

5:50pm-7:00pm Dinner

7:00pm-8:00pm Vince Palamara

8:05pm-9:05pm Gary Shaw

9:05pm-? Social in hotel Lobby

Saturday November 19th

8:10am-8:30am Randy Benson- Why is the JFK assassination still important

8:35am-9:35am Larry Rivera

9:40am-10:40am Gary Fannin

10:45am-11:35am David Denton- Declassified files from the National Archives

11:40am-12:10pm Jack Roth

12:15pm-1:15pm Luncheon featuring-Brian Edwards & Randy Benson

1:20pm-2:20pm Judyth Baker

2:25pm-3:25pm David Knight-Hoffa

3:25pm-3:55pm RFK 101

3:55pm-4:10pm Journey-Legal update on classified documents

4:00pm-4:45pm Judyth Baker Q&A with students in breakout room

4:15pm-5:15pm John Barbour

5:20pm-6:15pm Mike Chesser

6:45pm 8:15pm Banquet Ed Tatro

Sunday November 20th

9:00am-10:00am Small group Q&A between speakers and guests in the break out room and lobby areas

10:00am-? Project JFK will be offering a tour of Dealey Plaza and a bus tour of important sites(Details to follow)

Tuesday November 22nd

Dealey Plaza remembrance ceremony led by Judyth Baker

Our speaker lineup includes:

A long-time researcher who is one of most knowledgeable experts on the JFK assassination in the world, Ed Tatro will be bring his captivating speaking style to our banquet on Saturday evening, as one our keynote speakers.

 J. Gary Shaw, a legendary first-generation researcher, and co-author of Cover-Up: The Government Conspiracy to Conceal the Facts About the Public Execution of John Kennedy. Gary will be speaking on new evidence regarding Roscoe White.

The conference will feature a special presentation by Judyth Baker, a key witness and author of Me and Lee: How I came to know, love, and lose Lee Harvey Oswald and David Ferrie: Mafia Pilot. She will also be heading up the memorial ceremony on Dealey Plaza on November 22.

Ryan Jones, historian for the King Memorial Site in Memphis, Tennessee, will be delivering a keynote address at our Friday luncheon. Ryan has gained possession of files from the King family that have not been seen by the public.

Project JFK will once again be making an appearance at our conference. Educator and long-time researcher Casey Quinlan will be speaking about his new research, regarding military and poopoo connections to the JFK murder. Brian Edwards has been investigating the JFK assassination since 1969 and has a long and distinguished career in criminal justice. Brian is featured prominently in Oliver Stone's documentary, JFK, Destiny Betrayed. Casey and Brian co-authored the book, Beyond the Fence Line: The Eyewitness Account of Ed Hoffman and the Murder of President John Kennedy. Assassination expert David Knight will be giving a presentation on his new research associated with Jimmy Hoffa.

Dr. Mike Chesser, a practicing neurologist, will deliver his expertise on the medical evidence in the JFK murder.

Larry Rivera, author of The JFK Horseman: Framing Lee, altering the  Altgens6 and Resolving Other Mysteries, will be speaking on his new research on both the JFK and Malcom X assassinations.

Robert Groden, a nationally known expert on the photographic evidence of the JFK assassination and author of multiple books, including Lee Harvey Oswald: A Comprehensive Photographic Record, will be speaking on his new research, in regard to the case.

 Professor Mal Hyman of Coker College will be discussing his latest research associated with his book, Burying the Lead: The Media and the JFK Assassination.

Phil Nelson, author of numerous works, including Who Really Killed Martin Luther King Jr.?, will be presenting on his latest research associated with the MLK murder. 

Randy Benson, creator of the award-winning documentary on the JFK assassination, The Searchers, will be speaking about his follow up documentary, Searchers 2.

Assassination researcher Pete Hymans will deliver a presentation on the life and death of RFK, and its impact on America.

Gary Fannin, author of The Innocence of Oswald: 50+ Years of Lies, Deception & Deceit in the Murders of President John F. Kennedy  and Officer J.D Tippett, will be discussing his latest research on the JFK murder.

Professor David Denton of Olney Central College will discuss his latest research on the recently declassified files from the National Archives.

2022 Citizens Against Political Assassinations JFK conference – also presenting in Dallas:

2) Citizens Against Political Assassinations 2022 Conference: https://capa-us.org/2022-capa-jfk-conference/  Click here to register with CAPA: https://capa-us.org/register-for-2022-conference/

We will be showing the new four-hour Oliver Stone documentary “JFK – Destiny Betrayed.”

Jim Di’Eugenio will be speaking about new and additional information that did not make it into the “JFK – Destiny Betrayed” film.

Jeff Meek, who writes a monthly JFK assassination column for the Arkansas Hot Springs Village Voice newspaper, will speak about new evidence he found which Jim Di’Eugenio is including in his upcoming book.

Josiah Thompson and Gary Aguilar will respond to criticism about Josiah’s new book, “Last Second in Dallas.”

We will be showing the 45-minute trailer from the film by Libby Handros “Four Who Died Trying” about JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcom X.

David Montague, member of the Assassination Records Review Board, will speak about how he followed up on leads, and the difference in technology between then and now.

Russell Kent, who spoke last year about the HSCA Forensic Pathology Panel, will be speaking about the Clark Panel.

Paul Bleau will be speaking about how the JFK assassination is covered in the history books at schools in North America and will also chair a panel on this subject with David Denton and Andrew Kiel.

Stephen Jaffe, the last living investigator on the staff of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who worked with Mark Lane on the revised film “A Rush to Judgment,” and was a producer of the 1973 film “Executive Action,” will be speaking (title of talk to be announced.)

David Mantik will be speaking about what happened to JFK’s limousine after the assassination.

Max Good will be showing his documentary “The Assassination and Mrs. Paine.”

Dr. Wecht will be the keynote speaker at the banquet.

We are planning a mixer with a cash bar (6-7 pm) just before the banquet on Saturday night which begins at 7 pm. The mixer will be for CAPA members only and will provide an opportunity to meet and talk to the conference speakers, including Dr. Wecht.

We are again planning a special day for high school, college, and law school students. This will be held online, as it was the last two years, on Friday, November 18. We are planning a program that will give them the opportunity to see what President Kennedy was like as a person and a president and educate them about the truth of the assassination. David Denton will introduce the program and answer questions from the students.

We also have something new in mind for the students to encourage interest in, and research about, the assassination. We would assign each small group an unanswered question which they would research. They would be given the time between now and the conference to find whatever evidence they can. They would report their findings either at the in-person conference or online. The event will be free to students attending high schools, universities and law schools. We are trying to locate institutions that would be interested in this project. If anyone has suggestions for schools or national organizations that might be interested, please let me know and I will send out invitations.

We will provide additional updates as we proceed closer to the date of the conference.

CAPA ad for our conference: https://youtu.be/x1r874uYayU

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