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CAPA Conference Details and Registration

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Join us for the most important annual conference on the JFK assassination!

CAPA is looking forward to seeing everyone at our in-person conference this year. The conference will be held in Dallas at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near Dealey Plaza. The dates for the conference are November 19 and 20. There will be a banquet on Saturday night.

Here are the exciting events on our program: (New information in red.)

Be among the first to see the new four-hour Oliver Stone documentary “JFK – Destiny Betrayed.”

Jim DiEugenio will be speaking about new and additional information that did not make it into the “JFK – Destiny Betrayed” film.

Jeff Meek, who writes a monthly JFK assassination column for the Arkansas Hot Springs Village Voice newspaper, will speak about new evidence he found which Jim Di’Eugenio is including in his upcoming book.

The title of the talk by Josiah Thompson and Gary Aguilar will be: "A Granular Account of the Last Second of the Assassination"

We will be showing the 45-minute trailer from the film by Libby Handros “Four Who Died Trying” about JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcom X.

David Montague, member of the Assassination Records Review Board, will speak about how he followed up on leads, and the difference in technology between then and now.

Russell Kent, who spoke last year about the HSCA Forensic Pathology Panel, will be speaking about the Clark Panel.

Paul Bleau will be speaking about how the JFK assassination is covered in the history books at schools in North America and will also chair a panel on this subject with David Denton, Andrew Kiel, and David Montague.

Steve Jaffe, the last living staff investigator of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who worked with Mark Lane to produce the revised film, “A Rush to Judgment,” and was a producer of the 1973 film “Executive Action,” will be speaking. The title will be "DA Investigator's Notebook" and will include a few stories from his experiences working with Garrison that are not commonly known. He will also talk about meeting the head of the French Secret Service and President/General De Gaulle regarding the Zapruder film.

David Mantik will be speaking about what happened to JFK’s limousine after the assassination.

John Newman will be speaking by Zoom on Volume IV of his series on the Kennedy Presidency: Uncovering Popov's Mole. This volume examines, to an unprecedented extent, the internal and external dynamics of the decades-long search, within CIA, for a Soviet mole who was never exposed or identified. It presents an entirely new perspective on the authority and objectives of the mole (within the CIA's Office of Security), and a dramatic new context in relation to understanding Lee Harvey Oswald's 1959 defection to the USSR.

Max Good will be showing his documentary “The Assassination and Mrs. Paine.”

Monika Weissak will be speaking about her book “America’s Last President - What the World Lost When it Lost John F. Kennedy.” Her book is highly recommended by Jim DiEugenio.

We will be presenting a short clip of former CAPA Board Advisor and speaker at our conferences, James Wagenvoord, who passed away on July 26th. Steve Jaffe will be giving personal remarks on collaborating with Wagenvoord on a book. He spoke several times at our conferences and was a valued friend and advisor to CAPA whom we will miss very much.

Dr. Wecht, Chairman of CAPA and author of numerous books including his latest – “The JFK Assassination Dissected” co-authored with Dawna Kaufmann - will be the keynote speaker at the banquet. CAPA has a surprise for fans of Dr. Wecht, a look back in time that will delight and inspire you - and maybe even bring down the house!

We are having a mixer with a cash bar (6-7 pm) just before the banquet on Saturday night which begins at 7 pm. The mixer will be for CAPA members only and will provide an opportunity to meet and talk to the conference speakers, including Dr. Wecht.

We are again planning a special day for high school, college, and law school students. This will be held online, as it was the last two years, on Friday, November 18. We are planning a program that will give them the opportunity to see what President Kennedy was like as a person and a president and educate them about the truth of the assassination. David Denton will introduce the program and answer questions from the students.

To register for the conference and banquet, please follow this link.

The room rates at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, discounted for our group, are as follows: deluxe renovated guest rooms with one king or two queen beds, luxury bedding, mini fridge, one cup coffee maker, multiple USB ports, and hairdryer for $139.00 per night plus tax. Room rate including cooked to order breakfast for two in the restaurant is $159 per night plus tax. Use the link below to make your reservation. Note that the hotel is offering a discounted rate before and after the conference for people who want to come early and/or stay late. There is discounted self-parking in the attached garage - normally $18 discounted to $10 per night for our group.
Booking Website:
https://book.passkey.com/e/50309916 click on Attendee
CAPA video ad for our conference: https://youtu.be/x1r874uYayU

We are thinking about what type of event we might have for next year’s 60th anniversary of the assassination. A suggestion has been made that we have a film festival showing the important movies, films and documentaries about JFK at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in D.C. We would appreciate your feedback. Would you travel to an event like this or would you prefer a conference with various speakers? Please send your comments to Glenda (CAPA Program Chair) at visionsoffrance@cox.net.

Thank you all for your support of CAPA and its worthy cause - Pursue the release of withheld records - Find the Truth - Seek Justice.

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This actually looks pretty good to me.

Thompson, Aguilar, Wecht, Mantik, Newman, myself from the old guard.

Plus, Meek, Kent, Max Good, and Jaffe, who is going to talk about his upcoming book on Garrison. Montague from the ARRB. From what I understand Kent has some rerally important stuff from the HSCA pathology panel.

And most of all; Monica Wiesak from the new guard to talk about her excellent new volume America's Last President.  The best book of its kind since Jim Douglass.

And they will be screening the long version of Stone's film plus Max's film.

That is a really loaded conference. And I did not mention everyon, like Paul Bleau.

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I wish I could make it this year. Having listened to half of the BOR interview with you and Monika, she is a breathe of fresh air. One thing I never understood about the JFK community was how someone could study what happened and still believe in the concept of the "goodness" of a political party that does not acknowledge there was a coup that substantially altered the political power structure of the country (that would largely be both parties, at least the most powerful of each). Unfortunately, this forum is full of examples of what I mean. In some respects, it is similar to how the early Roman emperors always made sure to portray the old Republican concept of the "princeps" to the public instead of the absolute dictator that anyone who paid attention must have seen clearly. Except, in this situation, the facade is the continuation of the republic. That particular aspect of this case is more important that all others combined imo. 

Monika nailed it when she stated something to the effect of "I just can't take American politics seriously, it all seems like a show". When a president who colluded with big tech companies to censor any criticism or possibly conceived criticism of big pharma comes out and says "We beat big pharma!", it should be obvious to everyone how much of a show it all really is. 

Big thanks for bringing her book to light, I'm looking forward to reading it. 


Speaking of great new books.... Whitney Webb's "One Nation Under Blackmail" just shipped and although I'm only a few chapters in, it is safe to say, it is absolutely worth the time. 

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