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What went BANG above Dougherty at 12:34pm?

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Dougherty near the elevators on the 5th floor hears a loud BANG above him.

1.  Is it the backfire of a motorbike on the 6th or 7th floor or on the roof?.

     Dougherty thort that it was a backfire (praps from  a motorbike).


2.  Is it the sound of a gunshot?

      Baker was holding his gun at the ready for much of the time.


3.  Is it the trapdoor on the roof (giving access to the roof)(via a ladder) slamming shut from a gust ? (while Truly & Baker are still on the roof).  

      We know that the trapdoor was hinged at its west end, & the wind was gusting from southwest. 

        We know that water dripping from the oldendays rooftop water tank had rotted the stairs from the 7th floor to the roof.

           Hence the safer & cheaper trapdoor & ladder -- but the  trapdoor aint safe on a windy day.


I reckon (3).

The odds of it being (3)(trapdoor on roof) & (2) a gunshot on the say 7th floor & (1) the backfire of a motorbike on the 6th floor, all at the same time, making one big BANG, is very unlikely -- less likely than a SS Agent accidentally firing an auto burst of an AR15 & blowing JFK's brains out.



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