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Head Games --- The deliberate and fraudulent coverup of President Kennedy's head wound --- Part III

Gil Jesus

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( Author's note: Because of the importance of this following evidence and my feeling that it had to be out there ASAP, I've postponed the wound test, HSCA and conclusion sections to Part IV )

Following the science

Dr. Humes' final autopsy report stated that "in the underlying bone is a corresponding wound through the skull which exhibits bevelling of the margins of the bone when viewed from the inner aspect of the skull." ( CE 387, pg. 4 )

One autopsy photograph proves this was not so.

Unlike an exit wound in flesh, which leaves a ragged or jagged edge to the wound, an exit wound in the skull blasts out of the bone leaving a "bevel" at the point of exit.


A bevel on the inside table of the skull indicates a wound of entry while a bevel on the outside of the skull indicates a wound of exit.


This is a typical gunshot wound to the skull showing the entrance wound ( A ) on the outside of the skull and the bevelling on the inside of the skull ( B ) as the bullet exited the bone.


Humes' statement that the bevelling was seen "when viewing from the inner aspect of the skull" indicates that the wound was a wound of entry.

But autopsy photo BE7 - HI, shows a bevelling of the wound on the OUTSIDE of the skull at the large exit wound.



This bevelling indicates that a bullet EXITED at the large head wound. The autopsy photo does not support the autopsy report. Dr. Humes deliberately lied about the head wound he saw.

Humes changed the exit wound he saw to an entrance wound.

This is the reason why he and the Secret Service pressured the Dallas doctors, specifically Dr. Malcolm Perry, to back off his statement that the throat wound was an entry wound.

It's the reason why Humes lied to Rydberg about the autopsy photos and x-rays being available and why he preferred dictating a description of the wounds. Rydberg could not be allowed to see the evidence that proved Humes' autopsy report was a lie.

And it's also the real reason why Humes burned his original autopsy notes after Lee Harvey Oswald was dead.

All of these actions when combined could only serve one sinister purpose: to hide the fact that the shots that hit the President in the throat and the head came from the front.

In fact, the "hole" in the back of the head photo shows a scab-like mark in the scalp, but no signs of a penetrating hole at all.


Neither the Warren Commission, the HSCA nor the ARRB ever called Dr. Humes out on this bevelling of the bone at the lower edge of the massive head wound in the rear.

The final piece of evidence of a massive wound in the right rear comes from autopsy photo BE6-HI, which shows a top view of the President's head as it sits on the chrome saddle.


As you can see, the head is tilted slightly to the right and the edge of the saddle on the right side is visible through the hair. The cause of both of those is the lack of bone at the rear of the right side of the skull.

More evidence for the fallacy of the Warren Commission's conclusion that the head shot was fired from behind comes in the form of the wounds tests.

Those tests were done in 1964 to determine the effects of the Western Cartridge 6.5 copper-jacketed ammo on the human skull.

Coming in Part IV: the wound test, the x-rays, the HSCA lies and the conclusion.

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