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Kennedy nerd since childhood; studying the JFK assassination since 1984. Historian, independent journalist (spent 35 years in the mainstream media but I think I’m fully recovered now. 🤕). Currently an occasional co-host of Maverick News from 6-9 p.m. Eastern nightly. 

Here’s our recent 3.5 hour long form interview with JFK researcher and author Jim DiEugenio on the 60th Anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis, as well as his latest collaboration with Oliver Stone on “JFK Revisited,” the newly-filed National Archives lawsuit over the JFK Records Act, and much more. 


James DiEugenio interview


Been reading this forum for almost 20 years, finally took the proverbial plunge and became a member! It’s an honor to be here with so many Kennedy scholars and I look forward to learning more from you all. 

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