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Altgens 6 was taken from a different position than previously assumed

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The uncropped version of Altgens 6 shown in the top right of the map allows for an new and precise line of sight from the  southwest corner of the Dal Tex building and it makes a very big difference. The standard lines of sight used to find Altgens are the lamppost to the 3rd set of TSB windows and the white pillar to the pillars on the left side of the TSB front entrance. (Shown in the insets) They never fully resolve to Altgens supposed position standing six feet into the road but they are very close.
 Adding the new line of sight that runs from the Dal Tex, over the curb and almost touching Mr Brehm's torso, shows Altgens was about 20 feet southwest of his assumed position. Initially that would seem impossible as the old lines of sight from the lamppost and pillars were almost perfect. But the new location does not deviate from the old lines of sight it just extends them further along the same line. That new line of sight from the Dal Tex requires the old lines be extended and the slight misalignment of the original lines is solved in the process.
 The Dal Tex, and curb are hard landmarks and are very accurately represented in the Donald Roberdeau map. I double checked the locations by measuring the distances in Goggle Earth and the landmarks in question are right on.
If Altgens had been 6 feet in the street the Dal Tex line would have missed the curb at Brehms location by 9 feet! If you tried to run the line to Brehm from Altgens at 6 feet into the road it would have missed the Dal Tex by approx 70 feet. The difference is so great there is no way around it, Altgens was never more than a few inches off the curb if that, and a good 15 feet west.
 So he must have taken #6 from a position 15 ft west and 15 ft south where the lines converge on the map. (Ignore for now the black and green lines coming up from the bottom of the map). Then after taking #6 from there he walked East to his position in the Z film in about 5 seconds, easily doable.
  His next photo #7 still has a line of sight I can't resolve.  The black line from the underpass passes through the lamppost and gives what should be a very exact line of sight when lined up correctly with the underpass, that should be easy. The black line misses Altgens so maybe he stepped into the street or walked 10 feet east for #7. He had about 3 seconds from the last time we see him in Nix to get to the black line of sight, stand still, focus and shoot. Not impossible, but in Nix he is already holding his camera up and pointing to the limo   
  What does not make sense is the simultaneous alignments of the limo to the lane marker under the right rear tire and the lamppost with the spare tire compartment. The black line of sight isn't close enough to the first marker to put the rear tire on the lane marker, after that the limo has moved well into the left lane far past the 2nd lane marker.
   To correct this Algtens would have to be standing on the green line of sight. Then the limo would line up well with the 2nd lane marker. But the green line requires Altgens to have stepped back several feet. Secondly the green line of sight through the lamppost does not line up correctly with the underpass. It is off by 3 feet. Three feet seems like a bit more than I would expect for easily measurable landmarks.
I would guess the #7 problem will have an answer as it is not that complicated. But with Altgens #6 I think it is definitive that he did not walk that 6 feet into the street.

EDIT: my modification of the buttresses on the TSB  was incorrect. The image of the buttresses on the map also include the 6 in on either side between the window and the buttress.

There seems to be some very slight inaccuracies in the dimensions of the front of the TSB. To get an accurate measurement I went to the Southeast corner of the TSB and measured from there. The positions of hard landmarks like the corners of the buildings are extremely accurate on the map. 

Measuring from the corner of the TSB keeps the line of sight in the same place as the map below. 



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