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VIDEO: Proof the CE 139 Rifle was not the murder weapon

Gil Jesus

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Armstrong proved through his exhaustive

and definitive research that Oswald did not own

either the rifle or the revolver that

were submitted as part of what he called the "so-called evidence"

against him. So a lot of the debate about

these weapons in regard to Oswald's

guilt or innocence is beside the point.

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Oswald's first shot was at about pseudo Z103 (Holland i think) or Z113 (me myself), which ricocheted off a guy rod of the overhead signal arm.  Oswald's second (ie last) shot was at about Z218 (some say Z222). Oswald did not fire a third shot, even tho he had a third bullet.

Z103 to Z218 is 115 frames at 18.3 fps which is 6.3 seconds – Z113 to Z218 is 105 frames & 5.7 seconds. Plenty of time for loading & re-aim (he used the iron sights)(not the miss-aimed scope).

Oswald could see & follow JFK while JFK was behind the foliage --  & then Oswald could shoot at say Z218 --  after JFK emerged well clear of the foliage at say Z210 –  8 frames of Z footage –  which takes  0.44 seconds.


The miss-aimed scope is irrelevant.

The non-existent third shot is irrelevant.

The time needed to aim etc for the magic bullet at Z218 is child's play.


Disregarding the ricochet --  Oswald got 1 good hit from 1 shot – a 100% success rate – which might have been mainly due to luck. 


What we really need is tests to confirm that Hickey's AR15 could make the dent in the chrome trim of the windshield.

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7 minutes ago, Sandy Larsen said:


Oswald did not fire ANY shot. Lack of gunshot residue on his cheek proves it. The fact that he didn't buy the Carcano proves it.


I like reading the info on this & other forums re facts surrounding the jfk saga. But in the end we have to conclude what was possible & probable.

There are a lot of factoids that need a good BS meter -- a lot of good info has more than one possible explanation. 

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