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Help needed with a photo. Andrej? Davidson?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Chris Davidson emailed me back with a reply. I asked him a week ago if he minds me reposting it. I have not received any answer back. I feel safe to share it with you. No confidential or for-your-eyes-only info as far as I can see. He also included a collage.


She appears to be 3 steps down from the landing = 3 x 7.25” = 21.75”

Glass door frame is approx 84” high - 3” solid aluminum trim above door(estimate) = 81”

Her head height touches the center glass door handle.

The handle is at the halfway point at 40.5”

40.5” + 21.75” = 62.15” = 5’2” approx.

In the photo/frame you supplied, I lightened the shadow area(red box) and another woman is back there.

These might be the same two women I pointed out in the Willis photo awhile back.

Don’t know for sure.


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From Andrej:

«I looked at the photograph you posted. While the person standing on one of the lower steps has a light-coloured hair like Mrs. Stanton had, this person does not appear obese, at least as far as I can judge from this photograph. Mrs. Stanton would not stand with both her feet on an narrow area of one tread because she was extremely obese, weighing some 300 pounds.

The coïncidences do happen. It could be that a blonde-haired lady came in to the doorway at some point after the shooting for being curious or becaused she worked in the Depository.

I can make a reply to your post in Prayer Man thread if you wish. »

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