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David Talbot reports on Jefferson Morley's press conference this morning

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David posted his report on Facebook:
Oswald and the CIA... I watched the Jefferson Morley press conference this morning. And I strongly support the lawsuit that was filed by him and the Mary Ferrell Foundation. After nearly 60 years, the American people have a right to the documents that have been illegally blocked by the CIA and FBI, in blatant violation the 1992 JFK Records Act. President Biden can compel the security agencies to abde by the law and fully release the Kennedy documents. Will he?
According to a recent poll highlighted at today's press conference, a stunning 71% of the U.S. electorate wants full disclosure of the Kennedy documents. As the pollster pointed out, this is an overwhelming majority of people in a very divided nation. Will President Biden listen to the will of the people -- or to the CIA?
As Jefferson Morley observed at the news conference, many of the documents illegally locked away by the CIA relate to the spy agency's mysterious relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald. According to Morley, the CIA was running a covert operation against the pro-Castro movement in the U.S., using Oswald to disrupt the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New Orleans, the leading group calling for a peaceful resolution to the conflict with Cuba, a flashpoint in the Cold War.
After Oswald was framed for the assassination of the president, the CIA succeeded beyond its wildest dreams, shutting down the once influential Fair Play for Cuba Committee.
Morley pointed out that at least 44 documents withheld by the CIA relate to George Joannides, the CIA agent put in charge of the anti-Castro movement in the U.S. by Richard Helms, the number two man who later took over the agency. Joannides was later brought out of retirement by the CIA to serve as its coverup man with the House Select Committee on Assassinations. His covert role was to make sure the committee never got the full information about its agents and the Kennedy assassination. If he had known about Joannides's background, HSCA chief counsel G. Robert Blakey later said, he would've prosecuted him.
What is the CIA still hiding, Morley asked -- the question on all of our minds? Probably that Lee Harvey Oswald was a low-level U.S. intelligence operative, inserted into the Soviet Union as a double agent -- and later brought back to the U.S. with remarkable ease after supposedly renouncing his citizenship, portrayed as a Communist agent, and framed for the assassination of President Kennedy.
Helms lied (again) to Congress when he testified that the CIA had "probably minimal" knowledge of "the lone gunman" who allegedly took the president's life. As Senator Richard Schweiker famously said, "the fingerprints of U.S. intelligence" were all over Oswald. The CIA even read his mail, as Morley pointed out.
Two small but important footnotes about the ongoing Kennedy coverup were also revealed at today's press conference:
-- The CIA is not alone -- NBC, which officially stands by the disgraced Warren Report, still locks away the papers of Walter Sheridan, the Robert F. Kennedy investigator who briefly worked for the TV network. This is part of the ongoing corporate media coverup of the crime.
-- The John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, which is controlled by the National Archives NOT the Kennedy family, still locks away some of the RFK papers. As I've noted before, the Kennedy Library is the enemy of truth about the assassination. Library officials have tried to block me and other historians who have tried to get to the bottom of JFK's murder.
As a U.S. citizen, you have a right to your own history. Demand it!
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I respect David Talbot but he is wrong about who controls the RFK papers. You just have to read the ARRB final report. The ARRB was negotiating with the RFK Family Trust to have those papers released when it went out of business. The RFK papers are technically not a part of the JFK Library records but are simply held there as a private collection. 

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