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Jefferson Morley on How the CIA Deceived the JFK Review Board

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How was Joannides’ progress with the DRE evaluated if he didn’t write any reports? Did his boss just take his word for it? His fitness reports say that Joannides did an “excellent job” handling the DRE from Jan. through July ‘63 and that the group “reached a high level of effectiveness in the propaganda field” under his direction.

Where is the data on DRE propaganda effectiveness that justified such a glowing assessment? This is the CIA we’re talking about, not Bob’s Local Ad Agency. What kind of information and analytics did CIA use to evaluate political/psych warfare operations? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say they sure as hell didn’t just guess or go off informal verbal reports from the attached case officer. 

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10 hours ago, W. Tracy Parnell said:

But Morley has no valid reason to doubt the CIA’s assertion that they searched for “Howard” in their databases and found no record of him.

Huh? The same people who brought you George White, Bill Harvey and Howard Hunt? Experiments on unwitting people? Phoenix?

What are you talking about? Really Tracy, get a grip.

You think "misplacing files" or lying about it is beyond the pale for them? A bridge too far? Your defense of these people has absolutely no bounds. Your unquestioned reliance on whatever they throw out into the wind calls into question everything else you claim, regardless of its merits. "Goebels may have done that! But don't ever think he would have stooped so low to have lied on an employment application! Impossible! Here's the link to my site!"

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14 hours ago, Larry Hancock said:

Very interesting Robin...could you give a source or link for a reference on that email quote...thanks, Larry

The ARRB e-mails and computer hard drives can be accessed via John Greenwald's Black Vault site at https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/j-f-k-assassination-records/. The emails can be downloaded in a .csv file format that can be opened in Excel and searched by keyword.

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