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CIA was actively looking for George de Mohrenschildt - April 1963

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Now that is one I have never seen before.

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Simpich mentions that week's activities, and Stone.




On 4/26/63, Gale Allen of the Domestic Operations Division requested an expedited check of sources on de Mohrenschildt while he was in Washington DC.  This may mark the beginning of a covert debriefing of de Mohrenschildt.  In a 2004 interview with author David Kaiser, Allen said that he had done this on behalf of someone else who had “plans” for de Mohrenschildt.

This man with plans was apparently C. Frank Stone, also of the Domestic Operations Division, who asked Anna Panor to request more information on de Mohrenschildt.  Leo Dunn at the Personnel Security Division provided a summary of de Mohrenschildt’s activities, which stated that certain derogatory information could be used to determine the right amount of contact with de Mohenschildt.

Anna Panor wrote a 5/9/63 memo to Stone, suggesting that more information could be obtained by contacting Thomas Schreyer, a high-level covert action officer in Meyer’s office who had handled de Mohrenschildt’s file in the past.

Between late April and late May, Stone had several meetings with de Mohrenschildt, Charles, and Thomas Devine.  Devine was a banker and partner of oilman George H.W. Bush.  At their last meeting, de Mohrenschildt assured Devine that Charles would make an excellent president once they got rid of Duvalier. De Mohrenschildt’s colleague Herbert Itkin, another spy that helped out Legend Maker #1 James Angleton in oil intelligence, was now the registered agent for Haiti’s “government in exile”.  Itkin said that George came to help out.



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1 hour ago, Keyvan Shahrdar said:

Expedite check on Subject, exact reason unknown:  https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10113-10011.pdf

This document serves as an example of the declassification of names. Here "Bill Beane" is unredacted. Beane died December 2017, and so that's likely why his name was declassified.

From Association of Former Intelligence Officers:

AFIO Weekly Intelligence Notes #02-18 dated 09 January 2018

William John Beane, 79, a former CIA operations officer, died 31 December 2017 in Gaithersburg, MD.
A native of Washington DC, he was educated at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service ('61) also obtained his MA degree at that institution.
Bill served as a CIA operations officer in the Clandestine Service from 1957 to 1969. In 1964 he had a two-year tour of duty in Laos. After returning to the US, he worked for the Departments of the Navy, Army and Air Force in Washington.
After his 2007 retirement, he was active with AFIO. His pastimes included golf, visits to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and spending time with his grandchildren. He is survived by a daughter and two sons, and other family.


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"The Central Cover Staff had no record of subject."  But there was a 201 file on him.  The CIA knew exactly who and where he was in 1963.  As Anthony's post above reveals (thanks to Bill Simpich).  Plus, they were just finishing using him to run Oswald to the Paines as Denny alludes to.  George said he never would have befriended Oswald without the suggestion of J W Moore.  Matt, the OSS, or part of it well should have known GDM as he was highly involved in the Vichy (France) oil deal to Germany right before we entered WWII orchestrated by Dulles for the Rockefellers which got them fined for trading with the enemy (of our allies).  A slap on the wrist.  Lori, I'm not sure exactly where GDM was born (the town is mentioned above, not the location).  But, as you may already know, his father ran an oil field somewhere in the Ukraine/Poland area of western Russia during the revolution (I forget the name of the field at the moment).  Which Allen Dulles fresh out of college visited on behalf of the Rockefellers trying to obtain them an interest.  So, George at around 10 years old, may well have even likely met a 20 something Allen Dulles there in about 1921. 

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Edward Jay Epstein in The Assassination Chronicles (1992), 562-569, discusses this, which he identifies as "CIA document 431-154B, obtained under a Freedom of Information action in 1976". "I was particularly intrigued by the April 25, 1963, request made to the CIA's Office of Security, which is the CIA's internal police force, for an 'expedite check' on De Mohrenschildt, which it completed on April 29. Eight days later, the FBI was requested by its liaison with Army intelligence to investigate De Mohrenschildt, but according to Army intelligence, the FBI took 'no action.' Why had the CIA's Office of Security but not the FBI handled the De Mohrenschildt investigation?"

Epstein goes on to say he consulted an ex-CIA executive on the question and was told that normally CIA would outsource such requests to the FBI to handle "because the CIA was prohibited by law from operating in the United States" but exceptions were made when there was "an important 'proprietary relationship' whose cover would be endangered by a non-CIA inquiry ... He suggested that De Mohrenschildt might have had some kind of 'proprietary relationship' with the CIA."

Epstein (the last person to interview de Mohrenschildt, on the day that de Mohrenschildt killed himself just as HSCA wanted to talk to him in a context of suspicious deaths of figures of HSCA interest though de Mohrenschildt's death looks like it was suicide) concluded that De Mohrenschildt was a debriefer of Oswald after Oswald's return from the Soviet Union, and cited a document reporting a CIA analyst in the Soviet branch of the Foreign Document Division remembering that in ca. summer 1962 reports came in "from a CIA field office on the operations of the Minsk electronics factory in the form of 'contact reports'. He recalled that these reports had been based on the experiences of a U.S. ex-Marine who had worked at the Minsk plant after his defection to the Soviet Union". Obviously, Epstein notes, this source was Oswald, and from the timing and what Epstein was told by de Mohrenschildt of his relations with Moore of the Dallas Domestic Contacts Division of the CIA, Epstein concludes de Mohrenschildt "was the intermediary through which the CIA's Foreign Document Division derived its data about Oswald's work in the Minsk electronics factory". Epstein says de Mohrenschildt told him, Epstein, that he, de Mohrenschildt, had spoken to the CIA (presumably Moore of Dallas) "both before and afterward [before and after the Walker shot]. It was what ruined me".

Epstein closes that discussion with this, ironic in light of today: "Whatever De Mohrenschildt might have said that April about Oswald, Walker, Haiti, or other matters, the contact reports that cover that period do not exist in his CIA files. If they ever existed, they were purged after the assassination." 

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10 hours ago, Matt Allison said:

jeez, the OSS had a file on the Baron. That's going way back there.

For me, it seems impossible to not somehow connect this trace to the Walker shooting.

My thought too. That missed shot was on April 10, 1963.

But as Thorne posted, a lot going on with the Baron.


I had forgotten, if I ever knew, that the Baron was a business associate of LBJ (according to an Army memo). 

One thing to remember: Bill Harvey said the fabrication of intentionally misleading files was a tool of the trade. 

A wilderness of mirrors....

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