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FYI: Arthur Schlesinger Doc on CIA reorganization

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That is putting it mildly.  And its still redacted.


Why not post the document Joe?

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The one I gave a link to at the MFF is from the April 26, 2018 release.  

It is also in this latest release. In the Excel database you will see RIF #176-10030-10422 at line 12119.

There is no difference. It is the exact same document, with the exact same redactions as the April 26, 2018 release. 

I have found other instances of this exact same thing. They have given us copies of docs they have already released exactly the way they have previously released them.  In these examples it means they have given us nothing.  As I said you have to compare with previous releases, when you do I think I'll find the 13,000+ is really a lot less. 


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This is really a nice one.

I mean everyone should read this as to how far JFK was thinking of going in this regard.

And there is still a large part of it redacted.

The CIA must really hate this one. 

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