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CIA Killed JFK segment on the Kim Iversen Show

Lori Spencer

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Abolish the CIA?

The Schlesinger memo was about that, and that is still being redacted.

This show is even further along down the road than Carlson.

Nixon vs Helms?  The Watergate burglars go back to the JFK case?

Presidents since JFK suspected this?  Trump and Stone?

No democratic accountability for CIA?

A coup already took place and we have lived with it for 60 years?

Oliver Stone's movie and public pressure is what got us here.

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On 12/22/2022 at 7:16 PM, Benjamin Cole said:

Iversen is another terrific independent journalist. 

Love Kim Iversen. The entire episode was great, all JFK stuff aside. Ryan Grim, on the other hand, is kind of an establishment tool but hey, at least he wrote a good article on the case. He’s catching up! 

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Grim: the notion that the CIA has done this has only increased their power in the government , because literally we know every President since Kennedy, and we know LBJ knows there was a deep state conspiracy to kill Kennedy..

So what is it Grim? LBJ knew and probably Carter, Reagan, Bush SR. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden all know that the CIA killed Kennedy and better mind their  P's and Q's??   BS! There's no foundation for that at all!

This is so novice bogus!, and in some cases irresponsible..This is where you sometimes have to parse out words and use critical thinking. Are we simply supposed to be unquestioning  and enjoy this because as Trump says "People are talking!!!!"

Grim: A huge amount of people now believe the CIA killed Kennedy!

Wow, that sounds huge!

Grim: Donald Trump's best friend Roger Stone is conspiracy buff #1!

I'm surprised Jim Di went for that. Roger Stone is a charlatan. His entire book was based on an alleged conversation that Stone had with Nixon when he was 20  years old, where  he said Nixon in so many words said LBJ killed JFK. A conversation that has  never been verified by anyone else.. His only other supporting information came through quoting Judith Varyn Baker's book! Stone is currently working off his Presidential pardon by selling Trump figurines!*.

Iverson: We have RFK Jr. saying the CIA killed his uncle and maybe the entire Kennedy family!

Wrong! There's been much publicized division and opposition within the family to RFK Jr's claims. Which RFK Jr. himself never asserted for 50 years! The Kennedy family publicly was/is  in a worthless reinforced LN bubble for 60 years!

At one juncture Iverson comes to joke with Grim that there would actually be a document where the CIA says they're going to kill JFK. But somehow never makes the connection that that would  make Carlson's claims  bogus!,when after all isn't that the reason for their broadcast in the first place?   heh heh heh

Grim alleges an audiotape where Nixon threatens Helms with the "Bay of Pigs thing". That was not an audio tape! That was an excerpt from H.R.Haldemann's book "Tales of Power."

Grim's speculation about who carried out the murder are directly from E.Howard Hunt's  near death bed claims. If you believe Hunt.



*  Stone : https://twitter.com/i/status/1606083258671693824


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21 minutes ago, Kirk Gallaway said:

Wrong! There's been much publicized division and opposition within the family to RFK Jr's claims. Which RFK Jr. himself never asserted for 50 years!

So flawed in your thought process on this particular topic, I’ve explained it before to you, Kirk.

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I am sure you understand this.

The JFK case is something different as to what that family really thinks.  And the second factor is how far they will go in public.

In the JFK case we have it on good sources that they all think that it was a plot.  And if you go to their homes the libraries are lined with JFK assassination books.

Jackie Kennedy thought this also as did RFK since we know about the Walton mission.

The problem is that it takes a lot of guts to come out in public on the issue.  Because doing that entails being ridiculed and shunted aside.

And many of them, like Kerry Kennedy, have public careers. 

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