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Rydberg: "Humes told me wound was down at the C-6, C-7 on the cervical vertebrae "

Gil Jesus

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Humes not only lied to the Warren Commission, he lied about the location of the “neck” wound in his description to Harold Rydberg who did the drawings. 

In February 2003, author William Matson Law did a telephone interview with Rydberg. That interview is documented in Law’s book, In the Eye of History , beginning on page 289.

On pages 293-94, Rydberg tells Law regarding Humes’ location of the wounds :

“He was giving me anatomical landmarks…the neck wound was explained the same way. It was down at the C-6, C-7 on the cervical vertebrae and it was angled down bruising the pleural area of the right lung–the superior portion of it  and exiting out by the knot of the tie”.

Law: That’s what Humes told you ?

Rydberg: yes.

Law: Did they have notes with them ?

Rydberg: No.

Law: They just did this off the top of their heads ?

Rydberg: Yes. They wanted no  paper trail.

Humes knew damn well that the wound was at T-3 below the top of the shoulders, where the shirt and coat said it was, where Burkley’s death certificate said it was , where Boswell’s original face sheet said it was and where the autopsy photos showed it was.

Rydberg drew it up according to Humes’ description which Boswell agreed with.

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