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Who is Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West?

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This is interesting.  I thought I'd listen a few minutes, anything on West is worth evaluating.  When Groubert confused the soldier-child-rape-dismembering happening in Oklahoma I almost stopped.  West was in the Airforce in San Antonio when that happened, not at OU.  Then they showed the San Antonio newspaper article on it.  Then he said it again.

Gottlieb was already his mentor in San Antone.  That's how he got the gig of Department Head of Psychiatry at OU with no teaching experience.  CIA assistance in his promotion.

I did not know the details of West' experiment on Tusko Groubert presents.  Trying to induce elephant rages over ear wax with LSD to test the ear wax for its composition to use on humans to induce rage???  He wanted Tusko to go on a rage in the zoo, then subdue him and secure his earwax for testing?  What might be the source of this info?

I also did not know Oswald was given LSD at Atsugi so he would know what it felt like if he was ever subjected to it by a foreign agent.  Nor did I know of him taking it willingly at a party at Tulane.  Again, sources???

I'd be interested in WN's professional opinion if he can stomach it.  The last 30 minutes plus are on West and Patty Hearst.

Many good pictures. 

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