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New info on Aline Mosby

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I discovered something new, well, new to me anyway. 

RIF#124-90151-10021.  This is how dirty the KGB would play.  Norman R. Runnion was a UPI reporter. He was interviewed by FBI agent Tolled Jacobson, Jr. on 10/15/62.  

"It is noted that in discussing BARSUKOV, (RUNNION) laughingly remarked that if the U. S. Government were to make a case against BARSUKOV and have him expelled from the U. S., such action would no doubt result in the expulsion of an American reporter from Moscow.  In this connection, reference was made to recent expulsion of American diplomats [from the Soviet Union, apparently on a retaliatory basis.

"In this connections it appears, probable that RUNNION has in mind the interests of UPI with regard to possible expulsion of some one of its representatives from the USSR.  This probability will be borne in mind in the event of further interviews with RUNNION

"Also in the course of conversation, he remarked that a (UPI) newspaperwoman named ALINE WOSBY at one time was stationed in Moscow.  He said that on one occasion while stationed there, Miss MOSBY was found unconscious and partially disrobed in a gutter. He said she was jailed over-night at that time and the incident was mentioned in "Izvestia". BUNNION said it was his understanding that upon her release the following day Miss MOSBY was examined at the American. Embassy and it was determined that she had been drugged. He said she had been charged with drunkenness although she did not drink. RUNNION said that this episode was considered an attempt by the Russians to place UPI at a disadvantage, so that in the event UPI should in the future incur the displeasure of the Soviet Government, they could concoct a similar incident and have Miss MOSBY expelled from the USSR with resultant publicity. He said that to avoid such an eventuality, UPI transferred Miss MOSBY to another post, thus terminating her career in Moscow."

So, did this incident with Mosby happen before she interviewed Oswald? 


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