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The Assassination Films: The Towner Film

Gil Jesus

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Great film. Oswald's first shot shot-1 was at what i call T37 (& i found that T37 corresponds to pseudo Z113) -- the last Towner frame being T41 -- shot-1 was a ricochet offa the overhead signal arm.

In T38 39 40 we can see JFK lifts his right hand to near the back of his head (i can supply pix) -- JFK was hit by lead splatter (bits of lead seen on back of head on Xray).

JFK said my god i have been hit (according to Kellerman).

Towner said (in one particular youtube that i saw but karnt now find) that the shot was just before or just after she stopped filming (at other times she said 2 sec after & 4 sec after) -- NO -- the shot was 4 frames before she stopped filming.

Towner's footage shows that Brennan was not sitting exactly where he said he was sitting.

Towner's footage shows that Worrell was not standing on the footwalk under Oswald's window. I think that Worrell was in Dealey Plaza but i dont know where.

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