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The Assassination Films: The Bronson Film

Gil Jesus

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The Bronson footage is a godsend.

However, it’s a pity that all we can see is the museum's inferior blurry 2017 copy – they wont make the superior 2019 copy public.

Anyhow the Bronson footage confirms that Hickey shot JFK (as i have shown). The 2019 copy will of course seal the deal.

In fact the public has been given online access to about 1% of one frame of the 2019 copy -- & i have shown how that 1% on its own confirms that Hickey did the dirty deed.


It’s a funny story – the AR15 in Hickey's hands is almost invisible in the 2019 copy of that 1% of that frame (i think its frame B09), but, koz the 2017 copy is so krappy, the AR15 is magnified (believe it or knot), koz the AR15 appears as an elongated blob (an accidental computer result of the copying process), which many have claimed to be an artefact (no, it woz not an artefact, it woz the AR15), & (& this is funny) were it not for that "blobby AR15", nobody would have seen the AR15 in the 2019 copy of that 1% of that frame (even tho the 2019 copy was superior). Koz of the blobby AR15 i had a longer look at the 2019 mini-frame, &, after a while, i could see the AR15, a blur, koz the AR15 was swinging quickly up as Hickey was falling backwards.  Thank god for the inferior 2017 copy. However, when/if the 2019 copy bekums available, the AR15 might be perfectly visible in one frame or another (yes, visible in B11). Actually, the AR15 is already very visible in at least one other 2017 frame (yes, visible in B11), so, in the 2019 copy of that frame(s) the AR15 will be perfectly visible.

It was lucky that Bronson accidentally used his wide angle, hence he got the JFK limo & Queen Mary, otherwise all we would have seen is one more view of the JFK limo.

It is possible to get access to view the 2019 copy – but if so then u can only take a pencil & paper – which i would do, but i am in Australia.

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Here is a link to one frame of the inferior 2017 copy (frame B11) – we can see the AR15.

Frame B07 is at Z312 (the shot), hence B11 might be at say Z320 (i karnt remember exactly)(it woz a long time ago).

Praps someone in theUSofA can get permission to view the superior 2019 copy -- i doubt it -- the museum knows that 2019 shows that Hickey did it (i mean even moreso than the krappy 2017 copy).




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