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The Assassination Films: The Jack Daniel Film

Gil Jesus

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I interviewed Jack Daniel about his film, which shows his

sons waving at the presidential limousine as it emerges

from the Triple Underpass. When I asked Daniel why the

film misses most of the limo as it drives past the camera,

he said he was not looking through the viewfinder but

holding the camera to his chest and panning with his

body so he could watch the limousine pass with his

naked eyes.

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42 minutes ago, Ron Bulman said:

Yes -- Hickey koodna killedjfk -- koz -- lawyers.

Yes -- Hickey koodna killedjfk -- koz -- money.

I welkum u to vizit my other threads mentioning Hickey -- see if u kan show how any of my theory is impossible or improbable or whatever.

All of the so-called experts here have given my Hickey stuff a miss.

When the truth kums out i might get an award -- i will prepare a speech.

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